Monday, January 30, 2012

I hear wedding bells

Matt's brother Jake has been a family favorite of ours. You will catch him playing with the kids whenever we head over there. Milo loves playing Batman with him, and he treats Saige just like the princess she wants to be. We love Jake.

Well he met this girl. She is not just any girl, she is amazing. She is beautiful, smart, funny, kind and even sticks around our family after vacation with us. Lindsey was just the perfect match for Jake, we were pretty picky and could not even think about anything to not like her about.

Ms. Lindsey is going to school in AZ and they found out that the best time to get married would be right after Christmas. Luckily we all agreed and found ourselves having a pretty great party.

On the 26th we all got dressed up, adults only hehe, and had a beautiful dinner up at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Everything was so beautiful, perfect flowers, gorgeous photos, and of course the most amazing couple to celebrate.

We were able to help make some caramel apples for the wedding favor, and had so much fun spending the afternoon making them with Lisa. Matt designed the place cards, which turned out great. Lindsey had such great taste and made everything so much like them.

 After a great dinner, we headed home and made sure to get a good nights sleep for the festivities the next day. Temple session was in the morning so we got dressed up and enjoyed a beautiful session at the Salt Lake Temple. It brought back so many memories of our wedding and made me think about our special day. The sealer was a friend of the Smith's and brought so many sweet feelings to the ceremony. Many of my thoughts turned to Grandma and Grandpa Faust,who were both such a special part of our wedding, but I still felt like there was such a personal ceremony and they did such a great job. What a great reminder of the wonderful man I am married to.

We waited for the bride and groom to come out, and took some fun pictures to keep us entertained.

Lovely Aunt Pete. She is always up for a photo op.

Nate, Shana, Milo and Matt looking for Jake and Lindsey.

The Smith Crew.

Matt and his sweet Mama.

Saige, wondering why we are standing outside in the cold.

Here they are!! Lindsey looked absolutely gorgeous and Jake looked good too.

The kiddos got the first hugs!! Milo couldnt wait to say hi to Jake.

After a few, must have temple photos,

We headed out- hopefully to find Milo and Matt something to wear to the wedding.

Waiting for Dad to get the car.

We found the perfect outfit for both boys, took Saige to get her hair done and I even got changed in the parking lot at fish tech- all in time to get up to This is the place.

The grand kids. Isn't Milo's outfit perfect?!? He was so funny the whole night, flirting, dancing and having the time of his life. Saige looked beautiful, she thought she was a bridesmaid- and was supposed to be up with Lindsey. Luckily we convinced her otherwise.

Great food, company and of course pineapple dole whip was great. The coconut ice cream was my favorite, and they chose to feed each other ice cream and didn't do a cake! Great idea Lindsey!!

Saige caught the bouquet and loved it. She thought they were real, and was so impressed with her gardening skills weeks later. I didn't have the heart to tell her they were fake.

Then the dancing began.

Milo was so excited to dance. Hilarious how he got into it, and became everyone's favorite. I got the best ab work out from laughing so hard.

My parents stopped by with sweet Josie. She loved the ice cream, and the music. Love that girl. The evening came to a close, we had an amazing time. Lindsey has a great family. I was so lucky to get to know them better, especially her Mom, and do glad to have them apart of our lives. We love you Jake and Lindsey- so excited for your new life together and to see you two together. Enjoy AZ and know we miss you both like crazy!! Love you guys.

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