Monday, August 29, 2011

Matt's ideal world

When marrying Matt there were a few things foreign to me the hunting world and the camping world. Both of these are heaven to him. His ideal life would be on a secluded part of Alaska where no one would see him walk outside butt naked to do whatever you do. Well he married me, who loves the city and people and everything about it. The hustle and bustle of the world intrigues me. I'm a people watcher at their finest and enjoy being able to get anything quickly.
Well I'm slowly changing and vacation by vacation Matt might one day get his wish granted but until then he will have to take summer vacations that involve the wilderness.

While this was out in the middle of no where Matt was quite accommodating this camping trip and he reserved a spot near a bathroom and a lake. Do you remember last years 24th of July outing? The one with the sheep invading our camp? It was a blast and a trip I will never forget, but this one was a little bit cleaner!

Some of our most favorite people came, Gramps, Nana, Jake and Aunt Pete, joined us. (unfortunately I really didn't pull out the camera till the last day, so pictures are lacking).
The boys fished, we walked, talked, played lots of rummy, enjoyed being together and most of all Matt was the happiest I have seen him in a long time. HE LOVES THE WILDERNESS!!!

He really is the best Dad. These kids adore him!!!

This was for Lindsey. He was missing her. (So was I. I really really really like her!)

Saige's photog skills at their best

The last day we decided to pull out of camp and take the 4wheelers for a spin. This was Milo's favorite part and us girls had a good time posing.

Cute Grampsy!!!

Isn't Matt's mom cute? She had perfect hair the whole time and was brave enough to wear white camping! We love our Nana.

In case you were wondering what I look like as a motorcycle cop.....

And last but not least the impromptu headstands. Have I said it before how much our kids love Jake. He is one of their best friends. And is so good to always play with them. We love him!!

This last smile about sums up our trip. Everyone had a great time. We were sad pete had to leave early. Thank you Matt for planning a perfect trip and for everyone that came. Let's do it again next 24th!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


To most people hearing the word irrigation I'm sure they think of water and mostly in the form of a sprinkler. Correct?!? (And if any of you in my neighborhood are reading this, I am sure you are wondering if our sprinklers are broken this year? No we have just been crazy busy- I'm sorry we have a nasty lawn this year!!)

Back to the story--
But the word irrigation to our family means a whole lot more!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Foote have the most amazing garden, remember the raspberry patch? Well along with the patch they have the MOST amazing garden and house and yard and EVERYTHING!!

Our sweet Grandpa has outdone himself for sure. He rigged up this perfectly planned and laid out system that waters his whole yard to perfection. It's quite amazing to watch and makes me quite proud of the amazing family we come from.

Isn't he cute?

The perfect garden.

Mimi and Ella met us there for a serious party. Grandma Foote doesn't do little parties either- my cousins Austin and Emma were there, Saige's new "boyfriend" and Grandma's neighbor, as well as 6 young neighbor boys were all there for the party.

This water is straight off the mountain. It's ice ice cold. And somehow I forget how cold it truly is. First thing Grandma told us, " Remember that when your feet start tingling, time to get out!" We all laughed, but that tingling came all to quickly. But there is something about that tingling feeling as a kid, you notice it, you feel it, but you just don't care. My kids are no exception.

Fearless. It's one of the biggest things I miss as a child and this sweet girl is as fearless as they come. Here she stands in front of the little water pit that when she stands inside goes up to her shoulders. And this sweet girl jumped in and out and frozen her chicken nugget bum right off. And she enjoyed every second of it.

Milo joining in with Emma.

Sweet Ella. Loved Grandma Foote's boats and wanted to pull them around all day.

And we have to hang out on the porch swing. So many memories on this, it's a shame we didn't have this when we were younger.

Milo won't smile. How rude.

I love going to her house. I start to feel like a child again. I want to sit out on the deck and have Grandma's amazing fingernails scratch my back. (they aren't anything different but she gives you the best best best back-scratches)

Goodbye lovely house and yard. Till we get brave enough to take on the water again!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The things I love....

Just going thru the pictures on my phone and realized there are some great ones of my kiddos. Man I love them

Swiper blowing up a ball. Took him 10 minutes but he did it!!!

And the many faces of Saiger. Oh geez I could do a whole post on pictures she took of herself.

I'm one lucky Mama.

And wifey.