Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

I love any Holiday that has to do with food. Let's be honest most have a strong food influence. But Thanksgiving is wonderful. And I love everything it celebrates- we honestly dont take enough time to look at the things we are truly grateful for!
Getting ready for the big day can be a lot of work but we get everyone together and have a great time.

I took Saige and Milo to Gygi's and we went to make some yummy pies. Staci called and asked if we could help with her drink- so she came down and it became a party.

Matt and Adam and my Dad were there, they are always down for a party. Then Bonnie called looking for rootbeer extract, and was headed over. Then Connie and Ty stopped by on their way down from Logan. It was a big ol party with a whole lot of treats to be made.

Pies are a little time consuming. A lot of refrigeration, a lot of sugar and whole lot of rolling out. It was a blast! But since I knew my kids would not eat the pie we made some pumpkin pie shaped cookies for the kiddos.

Finished product!

Milo's cookies! Can you see the face?

Mr Frank joined in on the fun too. He is the best! Always making me feel like I have cooked the most amazing things and willing to eat anything.

Milo taste tester. Love this kid.

Apple apple apple pie. I cut out circles using the large end of a cake tip and it turned out pretty good!

Then striped the other.

Traditional pumpkin pie with leaves along the crust. I didn't realize how long pies take to cook! Man pumpkin takes forever!

Isn't it lovely though.

And the finished pies.
Secret to good pie crust: keep it cold, use cold butter and when mixing it butter streaks thru the dough is a good thing. Oh I love a good pie.

School Pie Day!

Saige loves school. To say that she enjoys going is an understatement. She loves her teacher and makes stuff for Ms. Dawn all the time- but sometimes we need to limit the things we take to her. For thanksgiving they had a pie program. Saige was so excited to have us come to hear her new songs. We were just as excited.

Together with Ms. Dawn they shared with us what they are thankful for, Saige's was Bull our dog. She does love that hairy beast.

They then sang a few songs and Saige was quite excited to do so.
Afterwards they served us pie

And then we all enjoyed our pie!

Thanks Ms. Dawn for the yummy pie and the great program!

Feliz CumpleaƱos

Meet Jon.

He had a birthday. A 30th birthday. And having the wonderful wife, my sis Bonnie, she threw him a killer party. What kind of party you ask? Oh just a mariachi band!!!! It was so much fun! Bonnie definitely had a good time- with cafe rio for dinner, tres leche for dessert, chips and salsa on each table as well as little pictures of Jon all over the tables!

To say we had a good time is an understatement. We made sure to get as many photos with Jon. And if I can figure out how to upload a video from my phone- you will be privileged to see my dance with the band. Until then pictures will do--

Mi papa

Mi mama

Mi hijo

Mi hija

Everyone getting a chance to take a photo with Jon. Thanks for taking the time to photo with us Jon.

Thanks Hagen's for a great party. We had a wonderful time!

Afterwards as if we didn't eat enough Saige had a nice bowl of egg nog ice cream! Thank heavens for the holiday season.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Matt.

I don't think there is any coincidence that Matt's birthday falls into hunting season. His mom jokes that Matt got the hunting gene 3 times what anyone else did. I would have to agree. He is in love. I would be lying if I have come to bed before and had to move his bow off my side. Haha.

Well this year he was pretty dang lucky. His Dad invited him on a hunt in Montana that Matt dreamed until the day they say he was excited is an understatement.

This is him, sitting in a tree- looking for white tail. Way below freezing temps and SITTING IN A TREE!! It's something I will never understand but love that he adores it.

I really see the best smiles from Matt when he is out in the wilderness, and holding an animal.

This was another successful bow hunt. I'm not sure how he does it, I cannot even pull the bow back.

Everyone was quite successful and had a great time.



And even Adam- yes they make bows in Adams size, surprising I know.
Well since Matt was gone on his birthday- I had plans on sending some gifts for him with his Dad but ran out of time. Thank heavens his Dad and Grandpa were creative.

The best looking cake I have ever seen. I couldn't have made one half as good.

And in honor if his birthday I wore his shirt and went out to dinner with his sister and Mom. Thanks for having a birthday so we can celebrate. (don't mind the pic in the bathroom at Joseph Smith Memorial, waiting for Saige!)

I love you Matt and am grateful for your Birthday so we can celebrate you for a bit. You are the best ever and we love you to pieces. Happy Birthday.

Location:Veterans Memorial Hwy,Lehi,United States

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Halloween.

I love Halloween. I honestly start thinking about costumes months in advance. This year it snuck up on me and Matt was not too excited about dressing up so we were a little more low key and thanks to a dear friend Adrienne- she saved me with her Bjork costume.

I had the sweater for the evening trick or treating- and so I wouldn't scar the neighbor kids. Thanks Adrienne-it was perfect.

We had a small get together for the kids to go trick or treating, thanks to all that came. We love having you here.

The Kunics moved away and we haven't forgiven them yet. Don't they know that can't move away?

We headed out into surprisingly warm weather, not that I was complaining! I hate when it gets cold.

This was no joke- walked outside to get the kids on their way and milo had his pants dropped peeing right in the front rocks. I apologize to those who saw. I did grab a picture but it's a little to up close- if you know what I mean.

After trick or treating we came back for the most delicious elk chili, dry ice drinks and salad. Perfect Halloween dinner, or and some candy too.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Pre-Halloween festivities

I've said it a million times, but Holidays are a big deal at our house. We drive Matt nuts most the time, but he loves it.

It is my mother's fault and I love that she taught us to have a good time. Halloween is no exception. This year we went over before and celebrated on Sunday as a family.

I have THE BEST SISTERS. Oh I'm not kidding. They are amazing. They help me out so much and make me such a great person. Connie was in town and helped us carve our pumpkins.

Milo loves the gunk inside. Such a boy. Isn't he handsome?

I may have helped a little with the carving.
Ms Saige didn't want to get yucky so she chose to paint and glitterfy her pumpkin.

Thanks Mimi for letting us come
make a mess and carve our pumpkins.

My mom's tradition for Halloween is dinner in a pumpkin. It's nothing fancy but it's not Halloween without it -candace who is in Kentucky even carried on the dinner in a pumpkin tradition at her home.

Aren't they cute? They taste yummy too.

Ms. Ella joined the party and played with me for a bit. Man I can get some funny faces from her!

Love this girl. Will pose for any picture and loves to be dressed up. She would love having halloween everyday!

My mom's brain jello. Yummy.

Scary witch Mimi and her dinner in a pumpkin.

Belle and Luigi. We may have super glued his mustache on. Hehe.

After dinner, cute Mimi put together some fun games for the kids. Isn't she great.

What party would be complete without an up close photo:

Thanks Mimi for a fun Halloween party.