Monday, April 18, 2011

Why does my mind do this?

It seems at the oddest times of the day and at the most awkward timing but my mind is constantly running on new fun things to do. My other life other than being a mom and wife, is completely wrapped up in all things Orson Gygi.

I love it. I do. They give me complete freedom and really allow me to express my taste through buying for the store. I have a lot of fun. Some things are a complete gamble and somethings are a perfect fit. For example, measuring cups. Perfect item to sell in a kitchen store right? We have a huge selection. From cast aluminum that have fancy designs to square plastic ones for the colorful modern home. And they all seem to sell, so I thought I would bring in a couple of these babies:

yes they measure and yes they might sell but they were fun and like I said a gamble. Well not even a year later, it's only been since November 2010, we have sold over 200 of these bad boys. No that's night a typo, over 12 dozen little lady stacking measuring cups, and I cannot get them in fast enough {it doesn't help that the manufacturer is out too}. But people love them and they want more!! Our sales rep called me the other day and asked what in the world we were doing with them? He was shocked at how many were flying out the door.
So like anyone cares about how many measuring cups Gygi's sales, well there is a point here, I am feeling like the world is missing out on all the wonderful things Gygi's has and I am trying to find the best way to get the word out. So this is where my mind comes in......we all know the power of the Internet, it brought you here today didn't it? I mean I haven't written like I promised I would, and your being so sweet or just bored, noticed that I finally updated!!! Well Gygi's has a site, it's soon to be changing to be a much more user friendly informational site, {which I might add the man behind it is one hot cookie!!!!}, but what it's main focus is on is our best sellers. What is that you ask? It's chocolate!!!!! Gygi's sells over 200,000 POUNDS of chocolate in the months of November and December. Yep. Thats not another typo. And its projected to increase this year. Our cookie sheets, spices and cake decorating supplies, all round out the top 10 spots but nothing compares to chocolate. So why would someone looking for 10 pounds of Callebaut Chocolate buy one of my cute measuring cup sets? It does happen and once in the store I catch them every time!!!! But online they for one thing aren't all up yet and two I think they get overloooked and people really miss out.

So here is my thought, and where I need your opinion.... I'm thinking out starting a sub-site. Something linked off the gygi site, something that will help people who haven't been raised at Orson Gygi know what they can really find and do at Gygi's. This is the large comparison, but I frequent the GAP Inc sites. My kids and I love the Gap, but it's nice knowing that I can shop at Old Navy, and drool over Banana Republic and Piperlime. Every once in a while their items just happen to jump in to my shopping cart and when they arrive all together I act like a child on Christmas Day surprised as ever. But they have a samd comfort level as I jump from site to site and I know that I will not be taken advantage of. So that's my question- do we leave it all in one site just like then store? Or do we sub-site it and create more of a boutiquey feel and see what happens? What are your thoughts? And if you are still reading this and haven't been to Gygi's please call me. I will personal give you the grand tour and might even throw a brownie spatula in at the end?