Friday, April 10, 2009


Some might say that me actually making a post here would be a miracle, a yes I too agree. But there is a much mightier miracle that occurred the past few weeks that I honestly feel was the absolute blessing of our Heavenly Father's hand in our lives!!

{thanks Bon for the pic, I wasn't as lucky to get to spend the afternoon}

My Mom has been struggling with terrible headaches for sometime now. She finally decided to do something about and found that she had a small brain aneurysm on the right side of her brain. The doctor gave her a choice whether or not she wanted to have it removed because of the small size. Because she had an Aunt pass away from an unknown aneurysm rupturing she decided that for her sanity and safety she would have it removed.
Last night after several several hours of waiting she finally had a successful brain surgery that finished around midnight. The doctor came out to tell my Dad that she was just great and that the surgery went very well. He them proceeded to tell him that he was so grateful that my Mom had chosen to have the surgery. When he got inside he noticed that the aneurysm had grown to a larger size and had actually grown a second one. I am not sure of other details right now, as its only been 24 hrs since the surgery. But we are so grateful for her promptings to do something about it.
I have always admired my Mom for all of her many talents. We grew up thinking we had everything in the world. She made every birthday, holiday and party feel that we were queens for the day! She did everything she could so that we were able to do the dance, karate, singing lessons, or whatever we felt we wanted to be at the time. She would make all 6 of us girls clothes and would do our hair everyday so that we looked PERFECT! Now having a daughter I have a hard time keeping Saige clean let alone SIX girls! She is one of the most selfless people that I know and so close to the spirit. We often tease her that she has these promptings to check up on us, and I'll admit being a teenager it was a pain, but now looking back she was just telling each one of us how much she loved us!
I am so grateful that she followed those prompting and I hope this will only add on 100 more years to her life! I love you so much Mom and am so proud of how well you are recovering from this!
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