Monday, September 26, 2011

Girly girl.

I have never considered myself a girly girl. I guess out of some of my sisters yes, but never one to love ruffles, make-up, spa days, or fancy dresses. I have always had a pretty good imagination and grew up doing plays, dances, radio programs, newspapers, and all sort of odd things-mostly with my even more imaginative cousin Amy. But has really always liked football, basketball, don't mind getting dirty and sometimes not shaving my legs- that's for a whole other day and post. Haha.

So when having our Saige- I imagined a girl with the sweetest imagination, not afraid to be who she is, maybe a bit of a free spirit like her parents, but definitely not a girl who thought she was a princess. (I even said once to my sisters- "if any of you buy her those princess things or ever call her princess you are busted!") Well in true Saige fashion- she shocked me, she really did become a free spirit, very imaginative and is the girliest girl who loves dresses, princesses, and just about everything pink.

And I will be honest at first it bothered me. I don't understand the reason why we have to wear pink somewhere each day, or the breakdowns when we show up to school and she didn't wear a dress, and how no matter how cute we dress her each day-her dress-ups show back on and she has become princess Annaleise. But as she grows and I realize it really is who she is- I love it.

She loves to pretend and her dream world carries over quite a bit- sometimes she asks me if something is on our world or just for pretend. I hope that creative spirit lasts forever.

Today she was the nail polish girl that gives free nail paintings but charges $22 for one of the purple flowers.

She loves patterns and sparkles and will put plenty of them on your toes and fingers if you let her.

She takes lots of breaks cause she wants to change things on her own hands and feet, but we look at it like staying on top of the trend.

Come over anytime. I only allow my toenails to be painted twice a week so she is always looking for a new victim, I mean client.

And there is no discriminating here- without upsetting Gramps too much- Milo's are often painted but then quickly taken off so Gramps won't get mad at her. So boys you are welcome too.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Donuts. Doughnuts. Dnuts??

For work, I have been doing some filming for a new craft channel called My Craft Channel. ( I guess you can think of it as hulu or on demand or whatever you use to instantly watch things, but all about crafts!!! There are some really creative people involved and I am really quite excited to see how things all turned out.

We partnered up with One Charming Party- if you haven't checked out their site you MUST!! {the most amazing party ideas, and the cutest photos that make you want them all!!!} hurry go look at it- Back to the story- one of the segments we did was made baked donuts.

We made these for alternative Thanksgiving treat ideas. These ones are pumpkin donuts with a maple glaze...... Yummo. The flavor combination just screams fall and my kids had such a fun time decorating them too. But after that I started thinking of all sorts of different ways you could make them and I have started to get a little excited to see how what we can come up with. Bonus they are more healthy for you than the normal deep fried donuts, you make it so you know what goes in it, and you can really customize the flavors you want.
After falling in love with some donuts I have started to see some other posts and thought I would share some ideas:

{photo from a beautiful mess}
what a fun party theme- this was a wedding shower with a donut theme!!

{photo found on Pinterest}
Originally I was going to make these donuts for Saige's birthday-isn't the pink glaze just beautiful?!? She chose churros instead but I still love these.

What a fun treat to have at Halloween. The glaze is super easy-milk, powdered sugar and flavoring. I'm thinking we make a dozen different glazes, make a couple different flavored donuts, invite everyone over and have a donut party!!! Who wants to come?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is my I don't want to wake up face.

Sometimes our deepest wishes are said so brutally honest by our kids. Most days we have a pretty busy schedule and when I say these kids are amazing and really are quite the troopers it's and understatement. They tag along on errands, at Gygi's and everything in between. But this morning Milo had enough.

I went to wake him, mean Mom I know. He hid under the covers and came out with this:

The "this is my I don't want to wake up face!"

It made me laugh pretty hard, this kid comes up with the funniest things. Wish I could save them all.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Us girls know how to party

Who knew waiting to buy wallpaper could be so much fun? Saige is always up for a photo shoot.

Glad to see that someone else can make stupid faces just like me. Love this girl!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh Target

They really suck me in. I know I shouldn't ever really go in there. Seriously. They say you should never go to the grocery store hungry- well that same urgency and need to buy food you normally wouldn't eat feeling- I get that every-time I step in Target. Trouble. Trouble.

You see this hot chica? Well Missoni has partnered up with good old Target and sucked me in again. There is something about the colors, the stripes, the retro 70's look that makes me want it all. Now for a bigger closet. Here are some of my favorites. If anyone would like to buy them I would gladly take them off your hands. Especially the rug!! Agh.

Yep. That's a bra. I might actually wear one more if it was this beautiful--

Cutest shorts. Perfect with some purple leggings underneath.

5x7 please.

Okay I will stop. Love it all. Thanks Target for helping us normal people be able to afford the things we dream of.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Where the cool kids go.

School. It's such a crazy thing. It completely changes your life and at the age of 3 it's the one thing you just have to have. Being the younger brother is hard. You watch your older sister go do things and are told you aren't quite old enough to do yourself. Well not anymore.

This happy kid is in school now. And he loves it. Miss Tori's smart cookies school is just what Milo had been begging for. We went to meet her and she had a Batman toy that screamed Milo's name. After seeing the toy that was all he needed.

Milo is a mommy's boy. I can't help it. This boy has me wrapped around his finger. I can't drop him off to primary still. He won't go, and I succumb to allowing him to stay with me. But if Matt drops him off he is fine. I was afraid school would be the same. But thank heavens for fun toys and a great classroom, Milo is beyond thrilled.

While he was away at school, Ms. Saige really missed her brother. She asked several times how much longer till he gets home and couldn't wait to see him. It's fun to see her stay at home once in a while and miss her brother. But don't worry Milo, your white pillow and cup were right where you left them. Waiting for you to come back!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fun Day.

Labor Day should always be called Fun Day. While it's a day focused on celebrating those in America who work hard and help make the country grow, we
always seem to have a pretty rocking time. Today was no exception.
What celebration is complete without starting the night before and partying all night long!

Our great brother Jon has this projector. So we borrowed it, hung a big blanket up in the backyard, and turned on Despicable Me (one of our favorites!). It was so much fun!!

Mimi made some of her yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and we had raspberries and peaches and Connie's yummy punch!

After we all filled our bellies we laid on the blankets, cuddled up and enjoyed the movie.

Milo and Ella would not hold still so this is the best picture of the night. After popcorn, treats and a fun movie we called it a night. But our crew of friends that were going to sleep out with us was slowly getting smaller and smaller. So it ended up being Staci, Saige, Milo and Me.

We bundled up, grabbed the tarps and laid down for the night. It was a lot of fun. And I actually didn't freeze and had a great time!!
But before we could sleep we had to make our scariest faces!!

Staci scared....

Saige happy....

Milo sad....

And Me silly. (I think it's hard to tell the difference between them all!!)

Good night!! We missed you all that decided to ditch out.... Connie Katie!

(morning hair, its lovely having bangs!!)

Now the whole purpose of the sleepover was so that we could go to the neighborhood labor day breakfast at my parents church. They have been doing this breakfast for as long as I can remember and it was fun to see some old faces and realize that I don't know anyone anymore in that ward.
After some face paint and the lovely kids parade

We had yummy pancakes, eggs and hashbrowns, thanks to all the chefs!!

Lots of fun and food! We loved having Katie, Connie and Ty come down and spend the weekend with us!

Milo and Mimi on the same bike!

Lots of fun. Bike rides. Tractor rides. Yummy food. And of course family. We had a great day!