Monday, September 12, 2011

Where the cool kids go.

School. It's such a crazy thing. It completely changes your life and at the age of 3 it's the one thing you just have to have. Being the younger brother is hard. You watch your older sister go do things and are told you aren't quite old enough to do yourself. Well not anymore.

This happy kid is in school now. And he loves it. Miss Tori's smart cookies school is just what Milo had been begging for. We went to meet her and she had a Batman toy that screamed Milo's name. After seeing the toy that was all he needed.

Milo is a mommy's boy. I can't help it. This boy has me wrapped around his finger. I can't drop him off to primary still. He won't go, and I succumb to allowing him to stay with me. But if Matt drops him off he is fine. I was afraid school would be the same. But thank heavens for fun toys and a great classroom, Milo is beyond thrilled.

While he was away at school, Ms. Saige really missed her brother. She asked several times how much longer till he gets home and couldn't wait to see him. It's fun to see her stay at home once in a while and miss her brother. But don't worry Milo, your white pillow and cup were right where you left them. Waiting for you to come back!


Candace said...

I hate to say it, but I don't think the white pillow is white anymore.
Love that cute Milo boy. He is big.

Shana Smith said...

Milo, you are so big! It's nice when they enjoy going to a place that they have to go to! Milo looks too cute:)