Monday, February 22, 2010

UP UP and AWAY...

I had every intention of posting these pictures, and for some reason had convinced myself that I had. But better late than never here are Milo's birthday pictures. He had a super party with our family! He is in love with UP and we had a great time recreating our friends on UP.
{if you have yet to see the movie, please stop by, Milo and Saige will kindly watch it with you, and the best part they have it memorized so you can hear it twice!}

Our Milo Boy, dressed as Russell.

Birthday cake, Milo loved helping to make it, I was suprised that there was frosting still on the cake when the party started!
Mr. Fredrickson pins, turned out great! And they were not that hard to make! Thanks Matt for making me the picture!

yes we have a good family!! They were ALL kind enough to dress the part. We have Kevins, Mr. Fredricksons and Russells. {dont mind the two kevin's in the back!}

Gramps dressed as Russell, thrilled I am sure. What a trooper, and Milo loved it!
Banka and Mimi dressed as Kevin and Russell, great blackmail right!?!

Con and Ty kindly came down from Logan, we LOVED having them here, and they both dont mind dressing up!

jake and macy

adam and aatalie {milo has started calling Adam Aatalie, who knows why it could be cause of his size haha}

Candi Andi and Grant, the glasses turned out to be a bit like burglars.

Ella Grace, fixated on something!! Lovely version of Russell!

Aunt Pete dressed as Kevin

Stac and Milo, his most favorite girl in this whole wide world. Any time Staci is around he will only talk to her. Always says "hey stac, did you see that!?" he loves his stac

Coast dressed up, loving it so much!matt's brothers josh and nate

Nate, Shana and Coasten gave Milo pringles (frank chips) and orange juice. HE WAS SOO EXCITED!!!

I have more pictures, more of everyone else. But they are on my Dad's camera, will get those later.

THANKS TO EVERYONE who came, we have been so blessed to have a huge family that supports us in everyway! Thanks for the gifts and for coming to Milo's party! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!