Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tooth Fairy and Uncle Josh

Milo was blessed with very sensitive teeth. It could have been the orange juice I gave him when he was young, but to make myself feel like not such a terrible mom I like to think that he just has cavity stricken teeth. Especially his two front teeth. 

 Poor kid has had his fair share of fillings, and they seem to not want to stay in his front teeth. I think he may make them fall out if he can feel anything on there. 

Well we have the most amazing dentist, seriously I say that with all honesty. Uncle Josh Smith !!! Even though he may be Matt's brother, I would still say that if he wasn't!! He is so patient with Milo, he allows Milo to calm down, and is so playful that Milo has realized that the dentist is not a scary place. It wasn't the case on our first visit! 

But after the same filling falling out, and the hole getting bigger in his two front teeth we decided that we would have Josh pull them out. I think I may have been a little more nervous for Milo, and he does way better if it is just Matt there, so Saige and I went shopping and Matt and Milo headed over to the dentist to pull his teeth. 
Josh had everything ready, may have bribed him with a dollar, and they were in and out of there in less than 45 minutes and two less teeth. Milo was such a trooper! He couldn't feel the front of his face, and kept pulling his lips out to make sure they were there. But never once did he complain about his mouth hurting. 

After talking with him that night about the day, he quickly jumped to his feet and asked me how the tooth fairy was going to find him tonight. He asked a lot about how she get inside our house, what she looked like, and what she did with the teeth. He then asked if it was possible to ask her if he could keep his teeth. He wanted to show is friends and his cousins what his teeth looked like outside of his mouth. I had him draw a picture for the tooth fairy so she would know what to do. 

He slipped the drawing and his two teeth under his pillow and quickly fell asleep. Saige was just as excited as he was to see what the tooth fairy would do and they asked if they could sleep on the floor next to each other so that they could both check under his pillow together in the morning. The tooth fairy wrote Milo a little note with her little handwriting and thanked him for being so brave, and left him $2! He was more excited that she took his note then anything! 

But he came running into our room, way too early, and way to ornery for us all. he is anti-pictures usually but this morning was even worse. Thank heavens he did not have school the next day. 

And the kind tooth fairy did leave his teeth for him to keep. Although we, she, is regretting that one as we have found he takes them everywhere-Gygi's, the store, church, and to his friend's house. He loves to show people the nasty things, and they may have made it through the washing machine in his pocket. 

Love this kid, and so glad that we have a great dentist to take care of us! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Soccer man.

Soccer and t-ball are one of those things that are just a part of childhood. I had those awkward photos of the 2 sizes too big shirt, with my perfectly braided hair, and poofy bangs. I played t-ball, not very well, as all the photos I have are either the posed team photos or of Bonnie and me out in the grass picking flowers. Maybe that was just me. 

Milo has asked to play soccer for about a year. Our buddies, the Barney's, are huge soccer fans, and Milo wanted to be able to play something like his friend Jake. My worries were that Milo was going to have the same abilities as me and really not know how to play. 

We signed up to join the Northern Utah County League, and got on a team with a bunch of our neighborhood friends, which makes it even more fun. Maybe more fun for Matt who can do some teasing on the sidelines. But the more I thought about it I realized that a lot of these families are very athletic and their 4 year old kiddos could probably beat me at soccer any day. I quickly warned, Amanda and Candice-two of the other Mom's- of my concerns and they laughed and reassured me it was no big deal.

At our first practice I was a little surprised at his abilities and his desire to play and learn more. He has two great coach's,THANKS ALYSSA and BRANDON, and have taught him so great moves. They both are so good to be supportive and are very patient with him, and all the players actually. 4 year olds are not the most patient and really just want to do their thing but these two coaches do an awesome job of keeping everyone under control. The kids came up with the great name, YELLOW DRAGONS, and we were so excited to have our own yellow jersey! GO #7!!

Got to his first game, and we all laughed at the little bumble bee soccer that was being played but luckily there are some good players on Milo's team that kept ball moving pretty well. Milo had some really great kicks and was able to dribble to ball several times down the field. 

After a few attempts Milo scored his first goal. He was so excited, turned back to make sure that we saw what he just did. With huge excitement came running over gave Matt and I both high fives and then ran back out on the field, with a little extra confidence in his step. I wish that this picture wasn't so blurry, because after that first goal, Milo became a different player. He lined up with his other teammates and started rubbing his hands together. He bent down and made this intense face, like he was out to get those other kids. 

He then had to take his turn sitting on the sidelines. He was heartbroken, why did he have to take turns? Why can't he go out and score another goal? We quickly told him it was part of the game, and that everyone needs to take a turn sitting out. It was then his turn to go back in, and this competitive kid came out again. I have never seen this side of Milo, and was actually relieved to see it. He loved to play! And for his real first time playing was actually pretty good. He scored a 2nd goal that game and has been determined to score ever since. 

I am so excited for this handsome yellow dragon. He has found a sport he loves to play, made some new friends, and is able to get some exercise (he reminds me after each game, how good it is for him to run  haha). He gets so excited for each game and practice and loves to kick the ball with our across the street friend Andrew. His poor sweaty head gets so hot, its that big head of hair, it usually looks a little something like this afterwards, and he wouldn't have it any other way. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Milo's first day

Oh boys.

Milo has been so eager to go to Miss Dawn's. Saige went to Miss Dawn's last year and when I told him that he was going there this year he was super excited. To him this was and is the big school. 

Milo has a little bit different way of doing things. He is a slow morning guy. Loves his breakfast nice and at his pace, in front of a "kids show", and not to be rushed. 9 am preschool is a little too early for him, which is good. 

We slowly ate our breakfast, tried to find something he liked to wear, and then grabbed his Spiderman backpack-the one thing that got him out the door. I asked him for a few photos of his first day, and I could barely get a smile, a blocked smile. 

He then offered to let me take a photo of the backpack. 

We jumped in the car, and headed to school and I finally got a smile. Phew.

And once we got to school I got a huge smile, and a big thumbs up. Milo takes a little warming up, and is having a few issues with me dropping him off. Seems to want me to stay, and worries about missing me. I am hoping this phase will go quickly, but I just reassure him I am going home to clean and he won't be missing a thing. He loves Miss Dawn, and is so excited to show me the letters and the rules that he has learned all in the first week. We celebrated the day with a Popsicle on the porch and a conversation about all his new friends. 

It's a little odd having some time to myself, some days it goes by really quick and then there are other days that I cannot wait to go grab them from school. Bull doesn't offer much conversation. 

I am so grateful for this guy. He really is a tenderhearted boy, but loves his home, surroundings, and his Momma. He loves to read, learn and of course be just like Saige. We are excited to see him push his boundaries, learn some new things and to spend time away from home. We love you Milo boy. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finally came.

Saige was fortunate to be born on Sept 3rd. Why is that day so fortunate you ask? Well it occasionally falls on Labor day which is nice as we get a holiday to spend her day every 7 years but that's not what makes her so fortunate. Saige missed the school deadline by 3 days!!! THREE DAYS!
At first I was sad, this little girl would miss going to school with all her best buddies, would have to wait an additional year for school- and she was so ready and born for school. But after thinking about things I have realized what a great thing this is. Saige is the oldest in her class, she gets to be "the leader"- which she LOVES!!, and she was so eager and ready for school!!!

A few days before school started we met with Mrs. Skaggs, her new teacher. She did some assessments and Saige asked her own questions to Mrs. Skaggs. After all it is very important to know if your teacher knows any of your friends- who are now in 1st grade.

The first day of school came and we were so excited. She put her clothes out- just like I use to! Making sure everything was ready and laid out almost as if a person were inside it. We ate breakfast-faster than she ever has, and we were off to the bus. I for one was quite certain that it would not be emotional. Saige told me not to follow her to school and that she didn't want me to be there she knew what to do and where to go! And first things first, we had to have a small photo shoot out front by her favorite tree.

But when I got to the bus stop I assumed it would be all these little kindergartners-who were way to small for their over-sized backpacks, all a little nervous for their first day of school, and their Mom's snapping endless photos of each and every move. But I forgot about the older "later gators" who had been going to school a week earlier, who looked so big next to my little girl, and who had no parents waving goodbye as the novelty of a new school year had worn off for these school pros.
She climbed on that bus, found a seat by a quick new friend Alexa (that she met two minutes before while waiting for the bus) and waved goodbye. All while the chubby 4th or 5th grader pushed his friend into the seat behind her, the other kids shuffled on like it was just another day and one other kindergartner Mom and I snapped a few photos. She was a veteran as her other child climbed on with the kindergartner, I then had the thought oh no Saige is alone. That may been where I had to walk away haha.

I blame it entirely on being pregnant but seeing Saige's eagerness and excitement for that chance to go to school made me a little emotional. Just a little. She had a huge smile and blew me a kiss. I quickly grabbed Milo's hand and walked away as the bus drove off. My eyes filled up a little but I quickly stopped myself and felt excited for this new adventure for our big grown up girl.

At home I quickly realized how much Milo and I rely on Saige. Milo told me several times that he was bored and kept asking how long till she would be home. I tried puppet shows, candyland, and riding scooters. It's just not as fun without Saige.

We, finally, left to get her from the bus stop and she proudly marched off the bus with a huge smile, shoes untied, hair a mess, and so much excitement about her first day. We got a big old thumbs up for a great day, which seems to be her sign for a good time.

The rest of the week was just as successful. It was a little interesting to watch as a few of the other kids don't make it home on the right bus, or bus stop, and to hear Saige's opinion of the other kids on the bus who don't follow the rules!

We are so excited for this first year of real school and can't wait for the adventure ahead of us!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

So yes, I am still here....

Last post, I was super duper excited that we would have a whole new blog, and my wonderful hubby did get me just that... but it was his non-techie wife that is still having issues. I switched over from blogger to word press (a little getting use to), I went to a site rather than blog which had more elements to it, and I became TOTALLY overwhelmed with life (it's always a shame that life gets in the way sometimes!).

So this morning I felt like writing so here I am still alive, finally feeling like it can tackle this again, but Matt has some new ideas. So we pulled off the new one until we are both ready, and I will tell a few more stories over on this good ol' blog, which I have missed.

I have a great opportunity with Gygi's to meet some really amazing bloggers, and their drive and love for writing is quite contagious. I love their passion for the things they do and the projects they create. I admire their abilities to juggle work and family and still have a smile on their faces. But after an event that was held yesterday at Gygi's I really felt the need to at least still keep an update on my family. This does not have to be the most glamorous and most times I share things that I may regret later, but it is our life. And I want to remember it.

Our Saige girl started kindergarten, finally! This girl has been ready to start school since she was about 2. She begged me if she could skip "summer break" and start up in June. I think once summer began she changed her mind but still this girl loves to learn, loves to interact with other kids, and loves being the oldest in her class. She was telling me this morning about the butterflies she gets in her stomach when this cute boy held her hand (which I am so not ready for!), and how she tries to be her table leader everyday but knows that it wouldn't be fair if her teacher picked her everyday. I hope she stays this excited to learn! Thank you Mrs. Skaggs, she loves you already. 

Milo boy started his second year of preschool, this year with Miss Dawn, Saige's old teacher. We love Miss Dawn and although Milo is a total Momma's boy, he goes into class after a few hugs and a kiss or two, but then the next day will ask me not to walk him down cause he is big enough to go by himself....... He is learning a lot of the things Saige teaches him, and maybe we can get them both reading by the end of the year. He started soccer and plays with some friends from the neighborhood. This little competitive side of Milo came out after he scored his first goal and he is now hungry for more. 

We are expecting our THIRD baby. A very proud baby boy who was not bashful in letting us know just what he was. We are all very excited, maybe Saige a little bit less but she will warm right up. My "mother's intuition" was WAY off on this one, and I thought for sure this little guy was a girl. Being so confident I made a promise with Matt, if it was a girl I got to name it, and if it was a boy (which I knew it wasn't) Matt got to name it. Well to my surprise we are having a boy, and I lost all naming rights. This little guy was not afraid to show us what he was, and how proud he was too. Cross your fingers and pray with me, and lets hope we get a name we both agree on. 20 weeks this week, and we are expecting this guy around January 29th. Right by Milo's birthday. In true fashion I am sure this guy will need some convincing to come out, but we just hope for another big healthy baby.

Matt, amazing Matt, has ONE MORE WEEK left in school. We will all be shouting from the roof tops and cannot wait to have him back. He has done amazing and we are all so proud of how hard he works at home, work and school. He is on the hunt right now for some meat, a good excuse to get out on the mountains, spend time with himself and close friends and be right where he loves. His love for the outdoors is amazing and I love to see how happy he is when he gets to go and even when he comes back. His stories are fun and I love hearing his passion behind them. 

As for me, I am enjoying these last little bits of summer, feeling great with this little guy growing inside, and gearing up for the busy season at Gygi's. I took the summer off in a way, worked a lot less, spent more time with our family and tried to see if we could still find a balance between the things I have to do and the things I really want to, but finding out that this is one of those on going things. I love the special moments with the kids, laughing on the couch with Matt late at night, and also meeting some amazing people and learning from them all. So grateful for our life and the new adventure that is coming, it has been almost 5 years since Milo was born, so hopefully this whole baby thing will come right back for us..... if not look for the white flag hanging outside! 

Thanks for sticking around with us, I have some fun fall recipes on tap, and of course HALLOWEEN (one of my most favorite times of year!), so hopefully we can stay up to date.