Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Milo's first day

Oh boys.

Milo has been so eager to go to Miss Dawn's. Saige went to Miss Dawn's last year and when I told him that he was going there this year he was super excited. To him this was and is the big school. 

Milo has a little bit different way of doing things. He is a slow morning guy. Loves his breakfast nice and at his pace, in front of a "kids show", and not to be rushed. 9 am preschool is a little too early for him, which is good. 

We slowly ate our breakfast, tried to find something he liked to wear, and then grabbed his Spiderman backpack-the one thing that got him out the door. I asked him for a few photos of his first day, and I could barely get a smile, a blocked smile. 

He then offered to let me take a photo of the backpack. 

We jumped in the car, and headed to school and I finally got a smile. Phew.

And once we got to school I got a huge smile, and a big thumbs up. Milo takes a little warming up, and is having a few issues with me dropping him off. Seems to want me to stay, and worries about missing me. I am hoping this phase will go quickly, but I just reassure him I am going home to clean and he won't be missing a thing. He loves Miss Dawn, and is so excited to show me the letters and the rules that he has learned all in the first week. We celebrated the day with a Popsicle on the porch and a conversation about all his new friends. 

It's a little odd having some time to myself, some days it goes by really quick and then there are other days that I cannot wait to go grab them from school. Bull doesn't offer much conversation. 

I am so grateful for this guy. He really is a tenderhearted boy, but loves his home, surroundings, and his Momma. He loves to read, learn and of course be just like Saige. We are excited to see him push his boundaries, learn some new things and to spend time away from home. We love you Milo boy. 

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