Friday, September 14, 2012

So yes, I am still here....

Last post, I was super duper excited that we would have a whole new blog, and my wonderful hubby did get me just that... but it was his non-techie wife that is still having issues. I switched over from blogger to word press (a little getting use to), I went to a site rather than blog which had more elements to it, and I became TOTALLY overwhelmed with life (it's always a shame that life gets in the way sometimes!).

So this morning I felt like writing so here I am still alive, finally feeling like it can tackle this again, but Matt has some new ideas. So we pulled off the new one until we are both ready, and I will tell a few more stories over on this good ol' blog, which I have missed.

I have a great opportunity with Gygi's to meet some really amazing bloggers, and their drive and love for writing is quite contagious. I love their passion for the things they do and the projects they create. I admire their abilities to juggle work and family and still have a smile on their faces. But after an event that was held yesterday at Gygi's I really felt the need to at least still keep an update on my family. This does not have to be the most glamorous and most times I share things that I may regret later, but it is our life. And I want to remember it.

Our Saige girl started kindergarten, finally! This girl has been ready to start school since she was about 2. She begged me if she could skip "summer break" and start up in June. I think once summer began she changed her mind but still this girl loves to learn, loves to interact with other kids, and loves being the oldest in her class. She was telling me this morning about the butterflies she gets in her stomach when this cute boy held her hand (which I am so not ready for!), and how she tries to be her table leader everyday but knows that it wouldn't be fair if her teacher picked her everyday. I hope she stays this excited to learn! Thank you Mrs. Skaggs, she loves you already. 

Milo boy started his second year of preschool, this year with Miss Dawn, Saige's old teacher. We love Miss Dawn and although Milo is a total Momma's boy, he goes into class after a few hugs and a kiss or two, but then the next day will ask me not to walk him down cause he is big enough to go by himself....... He is learning a lot of the things Saige teaches him, and maybe we can get them both reading by the end of the year. He started soccer and plays with some friends from the neighborhood. This little competitive side of Milo came out after he scored his first goal and he is now hungry for more. 

We are expecting our THIRD baby. A very proud baby boy who was not bashful in letting us know just what he was. We are all very excited, maybe Saige a little bit less but she will warm right up. My "mother's intuition" was WAY off on this one, and I thought for sure this little guy was a girl. Being so confident I made a promise with Matt, if it was a girl I got to name it, and if it was a boy (which I knew it wasn't) Matt got to name it. Well to my surprise we are having a boy, and I lost all naming rights. This little guy was not afraid to show us what he was, and how proud he was too. Cross your fingers and pray with me, and lets hope we get a name we both agree on. 20 weeks this week, and we are expecting this guy around January 29th. Right by Milo's birthday. In true fashion I am sure this guy will need some convincing to come out, but we just hope for another big healthy baby.

Matt, amazing Matt, has ONE MORE WEEK left in school. We will all be shouting from the roof tops and cannot wait to have him back. He has done amazing and we are all so proud of how hard he works at home, work and school. He is on the hunt right now for some meat, a good excuse to get out on the mountains, spend time with himself and close friends and be right where he loves. His love for the outdoors is amazing and I love to see how happy he is when he gets to go and even when he comes back. His stories are fun and I love hearing his passion behind them. 

As for me, I am enjoying these last little bits of summer, feeling great with this little guy growing inside, and gearing up for the busy season at Gygi's. I took the summer off in a way, worked a lot less, spent more time with our family and tried to see if we could still find a balance between the things I have to do and the things I really want to, but finding out that this is one of those on going things. I love the special moments with the kids, laughing on the couch with Matt late at night, and also meeting some amazing people and learning from them all. So grateful for our life and the new adventure that is coming, it has been almost 5 years since Milo was born, so hopefully this whole baby thing will come right back for us..... if not look for the white flag hanging outside! 

Thanks for sticking around with us, I have some fun fall recipes on tap, and of course HALLOWEEN (one of my most favorite times of year!), so hopefully we can stay up to date. 


Marie said...

I loved reading this post about one of my favorite families. And I didn't know Baby Smith was a little BOY! Congratulations, I am so happy for you guys! Congrats to Matt on your upcoming graduation! What a great accomplishment for you both! I hope you're saving up for that iPad, Natalyn's planning on moving in ;)

Shana Smith said...

Love that your blogging again! It takes a lot of time, I'm not good at it either... We are sure excited for another little babe, can't wait to see the little stud! Making me hungry, not sure why the thought of having a third is so hard/scary! We might Follow you guys and have a BIG gap between H and another baby too! Love that Miss Saige and Mr Milo too:)

Lindsey said...

Halelujiah ( I am not sure I spelled that right) you are back. I have missed seeing your updates!!