Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a little excitement.

Matt knows how much I love a text like this. Sometimes I feel like he sends them because he knows I cannot take the excitement. But last night he sent me another one, I didn't fall for his game. Okay I did. I didn't want to beg like I usually do but couldn't wait for him to come home.

He gave me some "bad" news to throw me off. Not falling for it Matt, okay I did.

But I'm so excited to share:

We are moving over to Wordpress! I have been having some (okay a lot) of issues with blogger and since I do a lot (okay almost all) the blogging from my phone, it is going to be a simpler process and much more choices.

He bought our site- yah a real website, it's hosted on Matt's server, i have a killer designer for a husband so you will see some much better looking graphics and he will even make an appearance on the site.

I'm so excited. It's like a new baby but without 9 months of being pregnant. Okay not really but right now that's what I get I guess.

So that explains the lack of posts lately. Stay tuned, it will be worth it.

Any suggestions as some features weekly posts would be great and of course your overall feedback and ideas!!

Yah. Can't wait. To share.


Shana Smith said...

Yay, that is great news! I was however hoping for the "real" baby news... Hopefully that will be sometime in the near future too!! :)

Adhis said...


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