Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 1...

DAY ONE: Traveling Puppet Show.

I was actually surprised that we began on day one. Candace is a great motivation for me, and we did really well for our first day and three tired kiddos. But this is all about them and having them help and have a good time, so I have to remember that.

Here is a small glipse into my project colors, i will post some pictures of the actually project soon, but we are not quite down yet, i hate when reality gets in the way of crafty projects! STAY TUNED!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

a new project....

I am really excited. Candace and I have decided to embark on a new project together. I love reading and secretly living the life's of these two girls- Elsie and Rachel , they are putting a new online class together called " Small Craft". We have both signed up to take the class, and are soooo excited to do some fun crafts for and with the kiddos. Wish us luck, we will be posting some of our new treasures and fun times together!
(I sure hope I have time to do this........)