Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Easy Halloween Garland

I am slowly adding to the Halloween this year. Earlier I saw a tutorial for garland and fringe from The Alison Show. (She has a fun way of presenting things and does some really great detailed parties! And I found myself spending way too much time looking at her fun Halloween ideas, super easy, and inexpensive.)

So I immediately thought oh I am so making that for Halloween! Well I started several weeks ago and then I put it off. Matt kept asking me why we were becoming cheerleaders, as the tassels were around waiting for me to put them together. And then after some teasing from Matt I finished it all in one sitting. (Finding the time is always the hard part!)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spooky Chocolate Teeth!

I have been called out twice this year.

Apparently my Halloween this year is "not very scary!" To be honest I did hold back- usually it's out super early with our living room, front yard and kitchen decorated to the nines. Well this year I am boring, I guess.

Some of my favorites did make it out (the rat and spider cut outs in the lamps-courtesy of Candace, and our haunted house sign outside!!) and to be honest there is still a lot. Just not our usual.

But since we have several weeks till the grand holiday we are slowly working on some new fun decorations and treats! Most will be super easy and kid friendly- so I hope you try them out! And if you need help-please give us (or saige) a call- she LIVES for projects.

Friday, October 12, 2012

More Birthday Celebrating...

May 24, 2012

Okay not really but kind of. My present to myself from Matt was tickets to go see The Civil Wars. (In case you have no idea who the Civil Wars are, here you go- Thank me later!)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Saige's Big Graduation

May 2012

So excited for this day. Saige doesn't say a whole lot about her days at school. Sometimes I can get her to tell me a little but it's like pulling teeth. Don't get me wrong, she LOVES school but doesn't love giving details (hmmmm just like Matt). So to be able to go see some of their accomplishments, her interactions with other kids, and of course to celebrate the year of school!

We loved it!! And lets be honest this girl loved the attention 

Miss Dawn is amazing. Can I ever say that enough? She has these darling graduation caps and gowns and plays the graduation song! Perfect way to celebrate the year!

The kids shared with us their sign language, songs they had learned, and their favorite parts of school!

Mimi and Banka even made the trip down and made this graduate's day.

Saige has learned so much this year. I appreciate such a good teacher and her willingness to help my kiddos. Not being with my kids each day, every moment, and makes me want to be extra careful about who our kiddos spend time with and learn from. Thank you Miss Dawn, for being the great teacher for Saige. She loves you as much as I do!

And Saige girl- you make your Mom and Dad so proud. Your so much smarter than both of your parents put together. You amaze us each day and couldn't imagine our crazy life without you. Your desires to learn, be better and that amazing artistic side is so fun to watch. Keep up your love to learn and your abilities to love everyone. 

You will go far! And we cannot wait to see all the great things that you do!

And to celebrate the day, Saige asked if she could make a gift for her friends to tell them goodbye. Maybe she does have some of my traits-everyone loves getting a gift right?

Together we made some yummy treats to celebrate with the parents, and tell these kids how proud we are of them! 


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The birthday continues.... and I have the BEST people in my life.

May 22nd 2012

My actual birthday started out just like any other day. Took the kids over to the Barney's, amazing Jen who so kindly watches our kiddos, headed off to work, spent a great day at work and headed home. I have said it a million times but my Mom has made birthday's a big deal and apparently 30th is no different. 

So when I pulled up and noticed this sign on the garage I instantly thought-oh no what has my Mom done. 

I jumped out of the car, left the car in the driveway-so I wouldn't ruin the garage sign, and immediately noticed the lawn- THIRTY 30's on forks poked into the grass!!

I ran over to grab the kids from Jen, a little puzzled as to what was going on, but in true Saige fashion she filled me in, "Did you see what Jen did to the lawn?" JEN DID THIS!! JEN DID THIS!! Oh my heavens! I was in shock! The time and effort she had taken to do this amazed me, and made me feel so loved and special. (Thank you Jen!)

The kids told me to go home cause I had presents inside. As we walked up to the porch I noticed a potted plant- that HAD TO BE FROM MY MOM- it had another reminder that I was older than dirt! 

But as I got to the door I noticed a paper chain of some of the kindest most thoughtful things ever! 

I quickly read the tag, and my sweet darling friend had taken the time to write out 30 things that (she thought) described me. Lets be honest, she was very kind and very nuts! I still have this hanging in my kitchen-as a reminder on those days that I truly don't feel that way.

Walking inside, I felt so much love and kindness from so many wonderful people. A photo collage of ME in the shape of a 30. Seriously, people took some serious time to wish me a happy birthday and left me speechless and feeling so loved. 

So many thoughtful gifts- headbands and laffy taffy- two of my favorite things. (And I am sorry you always see me in headbands!)

Licorice flowers, YUM! And not sure how you had time to make them all!  

THIRTY milky ways. I am pretty sure I ate them all by myself-hey its my birthday right? 

Thirty dollar flowers, thanks Mama. It's a little harder to spend that way, which is good! 

Thirty pieces of gum, by the way some of the tastiest gum ever. Have you ever tried apple pie gum? Its quite delicious. 

 Thirty straws of each color, which have come in handy all the time! And has made lunch time much more exciting around here! 

And some really yummy candy signs! How did you know I love chewy candies?

Overall, I felt so loved! I cannot believe all these ladies took the time, energy and money to tell me Happy Birthday! I was shocked! Completely shocked. It was totally the feeling of a surprise party happening over and over and feeling so special. I honestly could not have felt more loved. Thank you all ladies. 

Afterwards, I had to find out how this happened. I knew that someone had to have orchestrated this! Someone that knew it was my birthday, had access to my friends, a key to my house, and the kindest heart! Somehow the beans slipped out, and I found out that my Mom (I knew she had something to do with it!) had contacted Jen about doing something. Jen secretly contacted some of our dear friends in the neighborhood, and got them to help celebrate! Jen also organized getting them in the house, helping to get all this together. 

I am not sure if I should be taking away my house key from Jen or be thanking her to make me feel like the most amazing girl ever. 

I cannot thank you ALL enough, and all of you that helped to make me feel like to most special girl! You all know who you are and I am so thankful for you in my life! And you better believe it stayed up for weeks- we even moved the banner from the garage into the hallway and hung it there. I love you all.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Older than Dirt??

May 2012

There are many milestones in life- first step, first word, first day of school, last day of school, college, getting married, having kids, and the last milestone- turning 30.

Just kidding. To be honest, during high school thinking of being 30 seemed so far away. It felt like life would be winding down and everything would be a breeze from here. As I got a little older, and much much wiser, I quickly realized that life was just beginning. I still feel young,  I still have NO IDEA what I want to be when I grow up, and life certainly is NOT slowing down. So I was actually really excited to be turning 30. 
I am an official adult now! 

Having a birthday in May it is always a given I will choose something to be cooked outside on the grill. I think for the past few years I have picked Shish Kabobs, and each year they are getting better and better. 
The weather is always a chance, you never know if it will be too cold still but we took a chance, and with the help of our party planner extraordinaire- CONNIE, we had a great party. 
And hey look, there is the missing sister Katie! Nice to see you Kate! 

Sweet Ella and Bonnie showed up! It's not a party without Ella!

Party planner Connie and Saige chatted the night away, we just don't see Connie enough, none of you Loganites actually!

Grant didn't want to miss his favorite Sister in Law's birthday so he flew in just to wish me a happy birthday. Thanks Grant that meant so much, next time bring your wife and kid. haha (Sorry you had to come under certain circumstances, but it was brave of you to come alone, and we love any chance to see you!)

And the decor, what is a McDonald party without decorations!?!?! 

Balloons galore, signs everywhere reminding me that I was turning 30, potted plants, and of course dirt pudding cups for dessert! 

Does this look like the face of a 30 year old?

Five more years Connie, just you wait!!

Mimi made the cute pudding cups, and I am pretty sure I ate my fair share of those flower shaped cookies! 

And what is a party without whip cream filled mouths?!?!

So excited for the new chapter on life, excited to be thirty, to be looked at a little more grown up at work but still have the fun ability to be a kid. Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing me to this world 30 years ago, hopefully the past 10 have been a little bit easier than the first 20! 

And Matt thanks for putting up with this crazy girl. You may be the most patient Man in the world. And I love you and cant wait to spend the next 30 with you! 

(missed you Staci, Candace and Josie, and almost baby Rory)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

hey you bike rider.....

One of our summer goals was to get rid of our training wheels. Saige has been eager but Milo wasn't quite ready. I put it off for a little bit, but after talking with our friend Jen, she shared with me her tip to get her kids riding their bikes training wheel free! PUSH THEM DOWN THE HILL!!!

My Dad had mentioned the same technique but I was a bit hesitant. For some reason Dad's can get their kids to do some things that Mom's just can't- or maybe it's just me being a baby! So to hear that Jen did the same thing, I figured it was okay to try. 

We were sitting out on the lawn, and thought "Hey our driveway has a slight hill, let's try it there, and see what happens?!!?" We tried it twice and she was off! Needed a little practice on her turning but she had it! Had I known it was THAT EASY, we would have done this months ago! She loved the new found freedom, and wanted to go around the neighborhood any chance she could! 

Milo was next, his bike was a little too big for him to try so I pleaded with Saige to switch him until he learned how. After a few attempts Milo picked it right up as well!!


We love our family bike rides-Matt holds on to Bull and we all head out around the neighborhood. So if you do see us, don't laugh! Wave, say hello, and join us! We love the company!