Sunday, October 7, 2012

Older than Dirt??

May 2012

There are many milestones in life- first step, first word, first day of school, last day of school, college, getting married, having kids, and the last milestone- turning 30.

Just kidding. To be honest, during high school thinking of being 30 seemed so far away. It felt like life would be winding down and everything would be a breeze from here. As I got a little older, and much much wiser, I quickly realized that life was just beginning. I still feel young,  I still have NO IDEA what I want to be when I grow up, and life certainly is NOT slowing down. So I was actually really excited to be turning 30. 
I am an official adult now! 

Having a birthday in May it is always a given I will choose something to be cooked outside on the grill. I think for the past few years I have picked Shish Kabobs, and each year they are getting better and better. 
The weather is always a chance, you never know if it will be too cold still but we took a chance, and with the help of our party planner extraordinaire- CONNIE, we had a great party. 
And hey look, there is the missing sister Katie! Nice to see you Kate! 

Sweet Ella and Bonnie showed up! It's not a party without Ella!

Party planner Connie and Saige chatted the night away, we just don't see Connie enough, none of you Loganites actually!

Grant didn't want to miss his favorite Sister in Law's birthday so he flew in just to wish me a happy birthday. Thanks Grant that meant so much, next time bring your wife and kid. haha (Sorry you had to come under certain circumstances, but it was brave of you to come alone, and we love any chance to see you!)

And the decor, what is a McDonald party without decorations!?!?! 

Balloons galore, signs everywhere reminding me that I was turning 30, potted plants, and of course dirt pudding cups for dessert! 

Does this look like the face of a 30 year old?

Five more years Connie, just you wait!!

Mimi made the cute pudding cups, and I am pretty sure I ate my fair share of those flower shaped cookies! 

And what is a party without whip cream filled mouths?!?!

So excited for the new chapter on life, excited to be thirty, to be looked at a little more grown up at work but still have the fun ability to be a kid. Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing me to this world 30 years ago, hopefully the past 10 have been a little bit easier than the first 20! 

And Matt thanks for putting up with this crazy girl. You may be the most patient Man in the world. And I love you and cant wait to spend the next 30 with you! 

(missed you Staci, Candace and Josie, and almost baby Rory)

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