Thursday, October 11, 2012

Saige's Big Graduation

May 2012

So excited for this day. Saige doesn't say a whole lot about her days at school. Sometimes I can get her to tell me a little but it's like pulling teeth. Don't get me wrong, she LOVES school but doesn't love giving details (hmmmm just like Matt). So to be able to go see some of their accomplishments, her interactions with other kids, and of course to celebrate the year of school!

We loved it!! And lets be honest this girl loved the attention 

Miss Dawn is amazing. Can I ever say that enough? She has these darling graduation caps and gowns and plays the graduation song! Perfect way to celebrate the year!

The kids shared with us their sign language, songs they had learned, and their favorite parts of school!

Mimi and Banka even made the trip down and made this graduate's day.

Saige has learned so much this year. I appreciate such a good teacher and her willingness to help my kiddos. Not being with my kids each day, every moment, and makes me want to be extra careful about who our kiddos spend time with and learn from. Thank you Miss Dawn, for being the great teacher for Saige. She loves you as much as I do!

And Saige girl- you make your Mom and Dad so proud. Your so much smarter than both of your parents put together. You amaze us each day and couldn't imagine our crazy life without you. Your desires to learn, be better and that amazing artistic side is so fun to watch. Keep up your love to learn and your abilities to love everyone. 

You will go far! And we cannot wait to see all the great things that you do!

And to celebrate the day, Saige asked if she could make a gift for her friends to tell them goodbye. Maybe she does have some of my traits-everyone loves getting a gift right?

Together we made some yummy treats to celebrate with the parents, and tell these kids how proud we are of them! 


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