Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Milo's Preschool Graduation.

May 2012

Milo's first year of preschool was coming to a close with Mrs. Tori at "Smart Cookies". Milo has had such a great year-meeting new buddies, going to Mrs. Tori's house and talking about a batman toy that she keeps in the basement (the things this kid gets excited about!).

What is cooler than monkey glasses, spider man watches, and a spider man tattoo. 

Let alone his handsome face, a bow tie and suspenders. Man this kid knows how to get right to my heart! 

I asked Milo to tell me what he thought about school and he continued to give me the thumbs up, apparently our families sign of happiness. He has learned so much, social and educationally, and has really enjoyed his teacher. Mrs. Tori has been very patient with him, and he really has a special place for her, and her son Graydon, Milo talks about him all the time!

Mrs. Tori put together a fun program, had them sing their favorite songs and showed off their number and letter skills. Its fun to see what they learn when they are away from home. Our kids share bits and pieces but don't love to share everything- something I am trying to crack!!

Afterwards we enjoyed cookies and treats, and had to get a picture with Tori. Milo was so excited to take his picture with her, and asked if he could give her a hug. 

We then snapped a few photos with Milo's future wife, our friend Brynn! So grateful for our dear friends, the Fords, helping us to get Milo to school this year-Val we owe you! 

(Thanks to Matt, Mimi and Banka for coming to the program-I did have a photo of us together but cannot find it!!!)

Afterwards Mat had to head to work, and I asked Milo what he wanted to do. He asked if he could go to Thanksgiving Point and walk around. I was happy to oblige, and we spent the afternoon walking the gardens, grabbing some lunch and enjoying some time together. 

So excited to have the kids home a little more, and to be able to do some more fun things together during the day!

Cause who doesn't love to wear your shades everywhere you go! Yah Summer! 

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