Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Easy Halloween Garland

I am slowly adding to the Halloween this year. Earlier I saw a tutorial for garland and fringe from The Alison Show. (She has a fun way of presenting things and does some really great detailed parties! And I found myself spending way too much time looking at her fun Halloween ideas, super easy, and inexpensive.)

So I immediately thought oh I am so making that for Halloween! Well I started several weeks ago and then I put it off. Matt kept asking me why we were becoming cheerleaders, as the tassels were around waiting for me to put them together. And then after some teasing from Matt I finished it all in one sitting. (Finding the time is always the hard part!)

Follow Alison's directions, she does a great job and I really followed it pretty close, all until the tying part, I went lazy way, I will explain later.

I took orange, black and silver rectangle table covers from Gygi's ( thinking about how many colors we have made me think of so many great ways to do these garlands!), folded them longways and cut. After cutting 10 strips I overlapped them and then grabbed down below (almost making like a ghost head) and tied it with string.

 I left the string long enough for me to attach to the white yarn I used for actual garland. Alison is way better than me and glued them together, I'm too lazy. And it withstood a wind/rain storm so I feel good about it. But after making enough tassels- I think I had 8 of each color (which used just over 1/2 of the table over) I started tying to the yarn.

To start the garland, I used yarn mostly because I have a lot, but it seems to hold up just fine. Pull out about 8 inches of yarn and take your first tassel and use the extra string on the tassel tie it to the garland string, make sense? I went about 8" in to give myself some extra length and I figured I could always cut extra! But when tying the actual tassel to the yarn the "little ghost head" was above the string and the yarn was the same color as the yarn I used to tie the actual tassel so they blend right in and if you do a double knot they really are quite secure. I continued this repeating the color pattern but you could mix it up and have fun, until all the tassels are used. I then pulled out about another 8 inches of yarn and cut it from there.

That's it. You can spread them out more or push them super close together just depends on how much of a space you want it to cover but it was way easy and a fun addition to the decor.

But I'm still not super spooky am I?

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