Thursday, October 4, 2012

hey you bike rider.....

One of our summer goals was to get rid of our training wheels. Saige has been eager but Milo wasn't quite ready. I put it off for a little bit, but after talking with our friend Jen, she shared with me her tip to get her kids riding their bikes training wheel free! PUSH THEM DOWN THE HILL!!!

My Dad had mentioned the same technique but I was a bit hesitant. For some reason Dad's can get their kids to do some things that Mom's just can't- or maybe it's just me being a baby! So to hear that Jen did the same thing, I figured it was okay to try. 

We were sitting out on the lawn, and thought "Hey our driveway has a slight hill, let's try it there, and see what happens?!!?" We tried it twice and she was off! Needed a little practice on her turning but she had it! Had I known it was THAT EASY, we would have done this months ago! She loved the new found freedom, and wanted to go around the neighborhood any chance she could! 

Milo was next, his bike was a little too big for him to try so I pleaded with Saige to switch him until he learned how. After a few attempts Milo picked it right up as well!!


We love our family bike rides-Matt holds on to Bull and we all head out around the neighborhood. So if you do see us, don't laugh! Wave, say hello, and join us! We love the company! 

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