Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Twinner Moment....

Candace and Connie are truly my inspiration. They are my very best friends, and feel so privileged to have them in my life. I hope you both know how much I look up to you! You inspire me to grow, learn and cherish every moment, and you both are perfect examples of how the gospel can make you unconditionally happy. And Connie now that you are officially getting married, just keep in mind that Logan is not a good place to raise kids! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mother of the year......

This is a perfect example of why I will continue to only blog at night. Thank you Saige for bringing me back to reality.

"Handsome" finally has his moment....

We finally had the opportunity to bless Milo yesterday. What a fabulous day. He woke up extremely happy and I knew he was going to be so perfect today, Saige is always a different story you never know with her. Matt gave him the most beautiful blessing, he was able to bless him to withstand all the concerns that I have been feeling the past few weeks, some that Matt and I have not even discussed together. Just another example of how the spirit works in every aspect of our lives. Having so many hands at church, I was finally able to sit and enjoy the spirit. I had an overwhelming feeling of so many family members that could not physically be there. It was such an emotional comfort that I felt, and strive to keep with me, they are here to help and guide us and be apart of our every day lives.

After sacrament meeting, Scott and Lisa so willingly took us ALL into their home and fed us a fabulous dinner. What an amazing group of people we have to support us. Our two families have such great examples for my children to learn from, we are truly blessed to have each one of you so close to us. The men Milo has to look up to, learn from and be an example to, amazes me. Each one of you are so important to us, and I hope you each know how much you truly mean to us. And we can't forget to mention the strong women as well, you each are a constant reminder to me that everything is possible and that I can do ANYTHING!!

After Grandpa Foote gave lessons on his "Homemade Rolls" and Grandma and Grandpa Smith reminded us to take pictures, which I am so grateful for, they always take the best pictures and are so willing to share them with us THANK YOU!!!, everyone headed home. We missed all that couldn't be there, especially Josh, Jenni, Abby, Parker, new baby Macy, and Jake. We love each one of you and missed having you here. I am so grateful for the chance our children can be blessed they need all the help they can get, being thrown into this crazy world, mostly because they have Matt and I as parents, they need everything possible. Thank you Milo for everything you bring to our home, your special spirit that I will strive to keep apart of our lives. Last I am grateful that Matt didn't change his name to Huck, he is a definite Milo Bradford Smith!


I knew Saige liked "Old McDonald" but I didn't realize HOW much until we went to Thanksgiving Point with our buddies, the Barneys. Candace and Connie so willingly came along to help out, and we soon realized how it really may take all three of us to contain Saige. First came the cows and of course Saige felt the need to get in the pen. We finally convinced her that they could hear her mooing from outside the pen, and we moved along to the donkey. And it just so happened that the donkey was the only animal near the fence that was willing to be touched, but ironically it also had a sign above it that said, "Watch out, I BITE!!" Yep you guessed it Saige wanted to climb right in.

We quickly moved along to the horses and pond animals, unfortunately Saige got a little distracted by the picnic tables on the lawn that must have been screaming to her, "PLEASE OH PLEASE COME DANCE ON ME!!" Saige must hear these things in her head, because no one else in the whole park had a problem passing them by. As the other kids were checking out the clydesdale and geese Saige moved and grooved atop the plastic picnic table.

As we moved along the park checking out the chickens, goats and other animals we soon realized Saige has no fear at all. She must also speak some universal animal language because as soon as she came around to each cage, they seemed to wander towards her and the goats even tried to jump out to see her.

I thought for sure the chickens were going to be the highlight of the day, which is quite ironic because she has 6 at home, (yes yes I said 6, Matt brought 2 more home this week), that was until we got to the pony rides. OH MY GOODNESS!! I was shocked at how much she enjoyed the ride. Saige being the smallest child to ride happened to pick the TALLEST horse out there. She climbed on and acted as a pro. Grabbed the saddle as if she knew just what to do, swung her leg over and said "GO!"

We walked around the little area and Saige giggled and snorted the whole way around. It ended way to quickly, but we gave the ponies a kiss goodbye with the promise of returning quickly. As we were leaving the park, waving goodbye to everything, Saige had to try one more time to climb in the pen with the donkey, luckily we had Connie to save her from getting bitten.
Thanks to our buddies, Macie, Braxton, Brooks, Jake-o, Jocelyn, Jen and Beau for coming with us, and for putting up with Saige's attempts to become any animal possible. (And thank you Candace and Connie for helping me watch Saige and Milo, I just hope it doesn't make you want to not have children. I promise not all kids are like Saige.) And yet again, another exciting day that Milo has slept right through!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A well needed trip......

The Smith family finally took a vacation. Matt, the wonderful husband that he is, noticed that I was in desperate need of time away from our house. So with the help of his wonderful parents, they allowed us to stay in their condo in St. George this past week. What a great time we had! We spent the mornings together in our PJ's, went swimming with Saige, goo'd and tickled Milo, sat around and actually had meaningful conversation together (something that rarely happens at home), and having really nothing to do but be together, I had such a fabulous time. St George has a little carnival type event every Wednesday night, a local band, blow-up games, snow cones etc. Well with the booming night life down there, we decided that there really was nothing else to do so we stopped by and realized what a career Saige has in dance. With about 4-5 elderly people enjoying the smooth sounds from the band we thought Saige could cheer them all up with a little "santa shake" (her lovely dance moves, that she so graciously learned from a dancing santa doll). Smack dab in the middle of everyone, Saige runs up and starts dancing as if no one else was around. Soon the few watching are rolling in their chairs, and Saige is actually attracting others around. Soon the crowd has changed from 5 to about 20 and several are snapping pictures at the funny little girl, while the elderly are still crying with laughter. When the band started to pay more attention to Saige than their music, we decided that it was our time to leave. Enjoy this free concert, we will soon be charging for these!!

Scott and Lisa, Matt's parents, met us down there and so kindly spent the day with us on Thursday. Saige had the time of her life playing with Nana and Gramps at the park and was very upset with us when we left. Gramps and Saige played in the fountains and I truly believe she would still be there if we didn't make her leave.

We spent Friday and Saturday down in Mesquite, trying to soak in as much sun as we could take. After getting sunburned, exhausted from chasing Saige around the pool and eating way too many sweets, we headed home to our 4 dead fish and, thanks to our wonderful neighbor Macie, our happy (and still alive) chickens! And surprisingly Milo slept through almost everything!

Friday, April 4, 2008

This is like a introductory sacrament meeting talk....

Just a warning-- if you for some reason find yourself reading about our boring life here in good old Lehi- you'll soon see that everything revolves around Saige and Milo. They are the funniest, sweetest, craziest, most darling little people. Saige finds every waking moment to make me laugh at something new and helps teach "wwilo" (Saige somehow got a "w" mixed with "m") to be just as nuts. I LOVE IT!!! I am still wondering what I am doing with TWO children. And I believe we may just drive Matt nuts, but as a wife and children I believe that is our job! Saige is now 18 months and acts as if she is three!! She says HI to everyone she sees, even if they can't see her, and has taught me I need to love everyone. Milo is two months old and he is working on passing Saige up in weight, and i believe next week he may pass her!!!! He lives up to his nickname "handsome", but i am his Mom so of course i believe that! And we can't end this without giving all the credit for this craziness to MATT!! I should have known marrying such a free spirit and a naturally hilarious man, would bring me spitting images as children. He reminds me daily to stop stressing about silly small things and to just enjoy life. I love him! He puts up with me and my attempts to be a world class baker! (One day I will own a bakery!!!)And this would not be complete without introducing the world to the newest members of our family, our 4 chickens, Oprah, Barack, Hillary, and John. They bring such joy to Saige and Matt, who now thinks that the chickens look to him as a mother. Not so much for me, I believe at some point in my life i was attacked by chickens, because they scare me more than I will ever admit!Now you are all caught up, this is our life.