Monday, April 21, 2008

"Handsome" finally has his moment....

We finally had the opportunity to bless Milo yesterday. What a fabulous day. He woke up extremely happy and I knew he was going to be so perfect today, Saige is always a different story you never know with her. Matt gave him the most beautiful blessing, he was able to bless him to withstand all the concerns that I have been feeling the past few weeks, some that Matt and I have not even discussed together. Just another example of how the spirit works in every aspect of our lives. Having so many hands at church, I was finally able to sit and enjoy the spirit. I had an overwhelming feeling of so many family members that could not physically be there. It was such an emotional comfort that I felt, and strive to keep with me, they are here to help and guide us and be apart of our every day lives.

After sacrament meeting, Scott and Lisa so willingly took us ALL into their home and fed us a fabulous dinner. What an amazing group of people we have to support us. Our two families have such great examples for my children to learn from, we are truly blessed to have each one of you so close to us. The men Milo has to look up to, learn from and be an example to, amazes me. Each one of you are so important to us, and I hope you each know how much you truly mean to us. And we can't forget to mention the strong women as well, you each are a constant reminder to me that everything is possible and that I can do ANYTHING!!

After Grandpa Foote gave lessons on his "Homemade Rolls" and Grandma and Grandpa Smith reminded us to take pictures, which I am so grateful for, they always take the best pictures and are so willing to share them with us THANK YOU!!!, everyone headed home. We missed all that couldn't be there, especially Josh, Jenni, Abby, Parker, new baby Macy, and Jake. We love each one of you and missed having you here. I am so grateful for the chance our children can be blessed they need all the help they can get, being thrown into this crazy world, mostly because they have Matt and I as parents, they need everything possible. Thank you Milo for everything you bring to our home, your special spirit that I will strive to keep apart of our lives. Last I am grateful that Matt didn't change his name to Huck, he is a definite Milo Bradford Smith!

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