Monday, April 21, 2008


I knew Saige liked "Old McDonald" but I didn't realize HOW much until we went to Thanksgiving Point with our buddies, the Barneys. Candace and Connie so willingly came along to help out, and we soon realized how it really may take all three of us to contain Saige. First came the cows and of course Saige felt the need to get in the pen. We finally convinced her that they could hear her mooing from outside the pen, and we moved along to the donkey. And it just so happened that the donkey was the only animal near the fence that was willing to be touched, but ironically it also had a sign above it that said, "Watch out, I BITE!!" Yep you guessed it Saige wanted to climb right in.

We quickly moved along to the horses and pond animals, unfortunately Saige got a little distracted by the picnic tables on the lawn that must have been screaming to her, "PLEASE OH PLEASE COME DANCE ON ME!!" Saige must hear these things in her head, because no one else in the whole park had a problem passing them by. As the other kids were checking out the clydesdale and geese Saige moved and grooved atop the plastic picnic table.

As we moved along the park checking out the chickens, goats and other animals we soon realized Saige has no fear at all. She must also speak some universal animal language because as soon as she came around to each cage, they seemed to wander towards her and the goats even tried to jump out to see her.

I thought for sure the chickens were going to be the highlight of the day, which is quite ironic because she has 6 at home, (yes yes I said 6, Matt brought 2 more home this week), that was until we got to the pony rides. OH MY GOODNESS!! I was shocked at how much she enjoyed the ride. Saige being the smallest child to ride happened to pick the TALLEST horse out there. She climbed on and acted as a pro. Grabbed the saddle as if she knew just what to do, swung her leg over and said "GO!"

We walked around the little area and Saige giggled and snorted the whole way around. It ended way to quickly, but we gave the ponies a kiss goodbye with the promise of returning quickly. As we were leaving the park, waving goodbye to everything, Saige had to try one more time to climb in the pen with the donkey, luckily we had Connie to save her from getting bitten.
Thanks to our buddies, Macie, Braxton, Brooks, Jake-o, Jocelyn, Jen and Beau for coming with us, and for putting up with Saige's attempts to become any animal possible. (And thank you Candace and Connie for helping me watch Saige and Milo, I just hope it doesn't make you want to not have children. I promise not all kids are like Saige.) And yet again, another exciting day that Milo has slept right through!!

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