Friday, July 29, 2011

It's (class) party time!

We have the best primary class. Such a great mixture of kids, personalities, and attitudes. (okay who am I kidding, we have always had the best primary classes!! Every class we have taught we adore these kids!!)
We bribe, I mean persuade, the kids with a good behavior chart each week. If they are reverent and participate in singing time and also in class they get to put a picture on the good behavior chart. After the chart fills up we have a PARTY!!
We asked the kids what they wanted to do and it was all about snocones, and hot dogs. So that made it easy for a great party!!

We roasted hot dogs on the fire pit, and had by request BBQ chips and cheese chips. I threw in fruit skewers and corn on the cob. Perfect summer party food.

After everyone ate dinner, we had a WATERMELON EATING CONTEST!!

Jordan and Cohen finished about the same time so we had a tie breaking round and I believe Jordan won!!! I will have to ask, I'm sure Cohen will correct me if I am wrong.

The kids were begging to play pin the tail on Matt. I wasn't sure what to do, so I turned it into "pin the antler on Matt!" We started with a big x on Matts head.

Then we blindfolded the kids, spun them around and gave them a paper antler to try to get on the x.

Some kids were accurate, some barely made it near Matt but overall they had such a good time! I believe Cohen got it spot on and became the winner!

The last game was our donut eating contest! We started with Jordan, Gage and Cohen in the first round. It was very close but Jordan came out as the winner of the boys.

Next up the girlies. I think they were more excited than the boys.

Kalee pulled out the super close win and we did a final round between Kalee and Jordan

It was close again but...................

Kalee won!!

We finished the games, had some snocones, and talked to the kids about our most favorite book, The Book of Mormon, and finished just in time for the parents showed up!

Thanks for being such good kids! We love our class!!

Birdy Savers

Saige has many talents. One of them being an animal lover. She asks every person that walks by with their dogs if she can pet it. One day we will get another dog, but when we aren't ever home it just doesn't make sense. The other day Saige, Milo and I were cleaning some things up in the backyard and we heard some chirping, I glances down inside the window well and noticed a baby bird. If you ask Matt, he will confirm I have a slight fear of birds. Not sure why, but always have. (funny story- when Matt and I were first married we lived in apts that had pigeons everywhere. One day we had the windows open and one flew right in!! I was terrified and Matt thought it was the funniest things ever. We still laugh about it now!!)
I don't want my kids to be afraid of things that I am, so I pretended that if I climbed down that I wouldn't be able to climb out, so I had to lower her down. She got so excited to help the bird and climbed right down.

After a few failed attempts we successfully saved the sweet birdy and had a good friend for the afternoon!

The mommy bird brought the baby some worms and helped it jump up the back tree to safety. It was fun to see how Saige and Milo saved this little guy.

Two days later, we found a totally different bird in the same window well. Saige wanted to climb right down and got it right out!!

Love notes

I'm loving my new camera toy. Is it Does it print out the cutest most adorable sized pictures that I love around my house....yes.
And do you see that cute note in the back, that's from my precious Saige. Families are forever, I agree.

St Geezy peezy

Headed down to St George for the 4th of July weekend and had, yet again, a WONDERFUL time. Thanks again to Troy for letting us stay at his house, we owe you big time.
This time around we took Matt's parents boat down and spent the time at Sand Hollow, with them. Sorry for all the pictures but pictures say things much better and when you are as good looking as these people WHY NOT right!!?

Candi and Josie. She loved the boat and had such a good time!

The three chillins. They loved the front of the boat and didn't ever want to leave, even when the giant wave crashed over the front and scared the adults away!

Cowboy Joe! (sorry for the blur, but it was a great picture!)

Saige gets into the zone and made us all laugh!

We had a great teacher, Adam who got us all surfing and even got Josie out on the board!

Adam was so great. He was able to get the kids out without even being in the water!!

After the surfing we all took a break and jumped in the amazingly warm water!!

Carolyn, Joe, Milo and Natalie.

Saige was doing flips off the side of the boat. She had no fear with the water!!

Jake and Milo, and Joe and Taylor!!

Adam and Natalie

Candi and Jos.

Fun uncle Jake. Saige and Milo absolutely adore him! He is so much fun and out kids Love to play with him!!

After snacks and a good rest (sometimes I really wish I had a boat to throw the kids on when they won't lay down! There is just something about the boat that they fall asleep so easily!!), we headed off the lake and enjoyed some at home fun!!

We successful introduced Josie to pop rocks, one of my favorite treats!, and celebrates the fourth with popping in our mouths!

The rain started to fall so we all ran inside and played a very mature game of "Button Button Whose Got The Button"!! Somehow we thought of that game while trying to think of something fun to do with the kids. All the adults played and the kids still talk about how much fun it was. So thank you all for playing!!

Sorry for the picture overload. We had a great time with everyone and would vacation with this crew any day! We love you all and love St George!!