Friday, July 15, 2011

It must be summer...raspberries.

As far as I can remember we have picked raspberries at my Grandmas. It may sound silly but I love it. I don't even know if it is the amazing delicious raspberries we get at the end! I get to spend some time in the magical world of the raspberry batch which causes you to forget everything else going on, chat for a while, and sometimes open your heart to whoever else is there to listen.

My Grandma Foote has this glorious patch and garden. It puts most other gardens to shame. Sorry if you are pretty proud of yours.

Cherry tree!! It was gorgeous!!

See that raspberry patch on the right, that's it, and times that by about 100!!! That's her patch. My kids love coming, they don't last long in the patch, they are pretty delicate and I get paranoid they will break things so they are encouraged to go around and explore in the amazing backyard.

Grandma has the COOLEST buckets for picking. Here she has made some kiddo ones. String through a plastic bucket that you tie around your waist or neck and it freezes up your hands, and allows you to have the double handed technique down!

Milo tends to eat way more than save. This is how we start out, empty bucket, tied around the waist, ready to be filled with delicious red berries.

After a few times up a few rows, filled with our favorites!!
We had so much fun. Met my Grandma's neighbor, who happened to go to the same high school as me, and we never knew each other!, an her son who Saige fell in love with!!, hung out with my Grandma on her birthday and spent some time with my darling kiddos out in the sun! I wouldn't trade it for a thing!!

Oh and to end up with this is a great reward!
Thanks Grandma Foote. We love you!!

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