Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bye hewards.

My lovely sister and her family are headed off to Kentucky for dental school soon. It's such a bittersweet feeling. We are so proud of Grant and all the many years of school and studying it has taken for him to get here. He is going to be one great dentist. But 4 years seems to be so far away, especially when sweet Josie girl will be Saige's age when they are finished. Luckily we have Skype and all other things to stay in touch as well as a great reason to take a trip.

So in honor of the departure we of course wanted to have a party!

Connie and I put our ideas together, and thank heavens Connie is so amazing. Things went together beautifully and a perfect party for celebrating the Hewards.

Connie found the cutest fabric and made tablecloth squares and a garland around the house.

Arent parties all about the details?!

My failed attempt to make yarn balls. (note to self-use modge podge not elmers glue next time!) but it's a good thing we like things abstract.
And it wouldn't be one of our parties without GOOD FOOD.

( yummy flavored mayo for the sliders-- balsamic and sriracha mayo anyone?!? )

After the party was set up, everyone started arriving. We tried to surprise Candace and Grant but the word got spread and they found out. They kindly didn't say anything and pretended to be surprised anyways. Surrounded by tons of loved ones we then chatted the night away and spent some great time with our Hewards.

Rather than have everyone just leave their info for Candace and Grant to stay in contact with we decided to use my new favorite toy:

(my Fuji Instax camera. It takes credit card sized Polaroid type pictures, and is so much fun)

With the help of some paper mustaches and green fabric we had silly pictures for them to remember us by.

Our cute Gma and Gpa Foote

Guests of honor.

We are missing Bonnie and Staci but all us sisters will sure miss you Candi. You keep us all together and never cease to amaze us. We all look up too you in so many ways. And love you like crazy.

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