Friday, July 1, 2011

Scarf tying #1

Janae. This one is for you.

My sis Candace taught me this one. It was quite simple and when I asked her how to do it. She just said, " I just pull, twist and tie." And really it's quite simple. I use this all the time, probably too much but for days in the summer it's perfect for cooling you down and still feeling cute.

I pull my hair up in a thick bun or messy one like this. Nothing worse than tying your short hairs on your neck into your scarf.

Pull both sides of the scarf up evenly.

Cross the two sides so it makes an x. If your scarf is extra long, you can do this a couple times to make a little knot.

See cute huh! This is crossed over twice.

Tie in the back and tuck in the strings if you want.

Now you are ready!! This is the best for the pool, sprinkler, SUMMERTIME do. With my bangs it's great to keep them down and not crazy.

I have lots more. But kids and knocking.....

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JaNae said...

yay!! thank you! I love it. You are so cute.
now where do I find a cute scarf?