Friday, July 8, 2011

That was supposed to be me.

Sometimes after cooking classes, I have a few things to finish up and end up being there alone. Not a big deal. There are lights everywhere, people are usually outside at the business across the street and I park right by the door. No big deal. Matt has begged and pleaded that I not do it but sometimes being able to get a few things checked off when you are alone feels so good. Last night was one of those nights. Class ended up needing my help quite a bit and I didn't get my things done. So I stayed.

As I was locking up I went to walk outside and noticed a random car sitting right in the middle of our parking lot. I looked to see if it was one of the students from the class, or an employee. But didn't recognize them. There were 3 adults and a small child sitting in the car with the doors wide open and the adults were smoking inside. I thought oh no big deal, there is a child. I set the alarm opened the door to leave and felt as if someone was pushing me back inside. So I went back in.

I am not afraid of much. I feel like I can handle myself in most situations, and am not one of those people that scares easily. But after that strong feeling I started to scare myself. Of course while waiting inside for the car to leave I started hearing things, noticing random things out of place, and making it more and more uncomfortable. After about 25 minutes of waiting, I called my sister. She passed me over to my mom, who suggested I just call the police. They would send someone over just to check it out. I thought for a bit no way but after that long of people just chilling in our parking lot, and the amount of crime that occurs around us I thought it cannot hurt.

I called and just as I was finished telling the extremely nice lady the story the car decided to leave. She stayed on the phone with me till I got locked in my car and as I was pulling out the cop car came by just in case. (I was quite impressed with good old salt lake! )

I then started getting upset with myself. Why did I allow myself to get so scared?,why in the world did I call the police?, and how did I mistake a feeling so strong to stay inside when the situation was completely harmless?

It was about 10:30-10:45 by the time I was driving home and by then the roads are pretty empty and it allows me sometime to think. I kept beating myself up and feeling stupid. But as I was nearing 106th south there were police cars and the first two right lanes were directing traffic to the 2 left lanes. I slowed down and noticed a black car was totaled. It appeared the front tire blew and it took a pretty good beating. Luckily it was only one car and didn't hit anyone else.

And that was when I got an even stronger feeling. I immediately felt that rush of blood and was told that it would have been me. That car would have hit me if didn't stay. I questioned the feeling again but then felt it stronger than ever. It was almost as if it said to me, "Hey stubborn! I tried to keep you there! You didn't want to listen so I created a situation you would listen too! And look where you would have been!!!"

I'm stubborn. I hate being told that I shouldn't do things. It makes me want to prove that it's okay to do it. But realizing my newly found cautiousness actually saved my life really struck me. I need to take the time in life to notice those small and simple voices and promptings and follow through with what is being asked. I feel so blessed to not have been in any danger last night, and thank my Heavenly Father for keeping me here just another day.

I feel so blessed with my wonderful husband and kids and cannot imagine not being here to be with them. We are so lucky to have the gospel in our lives and being able to have these promptings.

I truly am blessed.


Chastina said...

Hey! I stumbled across your blog.

I'm glad to hear the Lord helped you out and kept you safe.

Adhis said...

I'm happy you are safe, too.

I had a similar experience when I was dating David. We were supposed to be leaving his parents' house, but I had a feeling that there would be a car accident (it was a pretty specific prompting, huh?) and we needed to linger longer. I didn't tell Dave this, I just prolonged the goodbyes a little.

On the way home, a car ran an intersection and hit the corner of a jeep to the left of us but a few car lengths in front us, sending it spinning around. Those passengers were shaken (obviously) but for the most part were physically OK. Had we been further along on our journey, we would have been further up on the road and would have been struck directly on the side of our car leaving at least one of us seriously injured.

After helping the people out and leaving the scene, I told David about my impression. He said, "The next time you have an impression, tell me about it!" :D

Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

OH my goodness, thank you so much for sharing...not going to lie I totally got the chills. Sometimes life gets so crazy we don't stop and listen to "the still small voice" so glad that you did!