Friday, July 29, 2011

It's (class) party time!

We have the best primary class. Such a great mixture of kids, personalities, and attitudes. (okay who am I kidding, we have always had the best primary classes!! Every class we have taught we adore these kids!!)
We bribe, I mean persuade, the kids with a good behavior chart each week. If they are reverent and participate in singing time and also in class they get to put a picture on the good behavior chart. After the chart fills up we have a PARTY!!
We asked the kids what they wanted to do and it was all about snocones, and hot dogs. So that made it easy for a great party!!

We roasted hot dogs on the fire pit, and had by request BBQ chips and cheese chips. I threw in fruit skewers and corn on the cob. Perfect summer party food.

After everyone ate dinner, we had a WATERMELON EATING CONTEST!!

Jordan and Cohen finished about the same time so we had a tie breaking round and I believe Jordan won!!! I will have to ask, I'm sure Cohen will correct me if I am wrong.

The kids were begging to play pin the tail on Matt. I wasn't sure what to do, so I turned it into "pin the antler on Matt!" We started with a big x on Matts head.

Then we blindfolded the kids, spun them around and gave them a paper antler to try to get on the x.

Some kids were accurate, some barely made it near Matt but overall they had such a good time! I believe Cohen got it spot on and became the winner!

The last game was our donut eating contest! We started with Jordan, Gage and Cohen in the first round. It was very close but Jordan came out as the winner of the boys.

Next up the girlies. I think they were more excited than the boys.

Kalee pulled out the super close win and we did a final round between Kalee and Jordan

It was close again but...................

Kalee won!!

We finished the games, had some snocones, and talked to the kids about our most favorite book, The Book of Mormon, and finished just in time for the parents showed up!

Thanks for being such good kids! We love our class!!


Old Matt said...

Great post! (Matt Steen. Jordan's Grandfather)

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! for the pics. Kalee had a wonderful time. She never said anything about winning the donut eating contest (little stinker). She told us all about dinner and playing pin the tail on Matt and the snow cones. And she was so excited about the Book of Mormon. Can you tell what was the most important things. Thanks so much for all you do for the kids they are learning so much. And they love going to class. Julye

Cami said...

Cohen seriously still talks about this! He loves his book of mormon and asks me to read from "his" every night. Thanks for being such great teachers. Cohen thinks you are the coolest people ever!