Friday, July 29, 2011

Birdy Savers

Saige has many talents. One of them being an animal lover. She asks every person that walks by with their dogs if she can pet it. One day we will get another dog, but when we aren't ever home it just doesn't make sense. The other day Saige, Milo and I were cleaning some things up in the backyard and we heard some chirping, I glances down inside the window well and noticed a baby bird. If you ask Matt, he will confirm I have a slight fear of birds. Not sure why, but always have. (funny story- when Matt and I were first married we lived in apts that had pigeons everywhere. One day we had the windows open and one flew right in!! I was terrified and Matt thought it was the funniest things ever. We still laugh about it now!!)
I don't want my kids to be afraid of things that I am, so I pretended that if I climbed down that I wouldn't be able to climb out, so I had to lower her down. She got so excited to help the bird and climbed right down.

After a few failed attempts we successfully saved the sweet birdy and had a good friend for the afternoon!

The mommy bird brought the baby some worms and helped it jump up the back tree to safety. It was fun to see how Saige and Milo saved this little guy.

Two days later, we found a totally different bird in the same window well. Saige wanted to climb right down and got it right out!!

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