Saturday, July 16, 2011

Museum fun.

Being a working Mom, one that works at home, I find it hard to make sure I am not working ALL the time and spend time trying to be a good Mom. My kids are the best and have the best imaginations. They find games and imaginary world everywhere.
When we got invited to go to the Children's museum I was thrilled. Fun for the kids and a great chance to be with girls from the hood.

The store was one of our favorite places. Maybe it's because my kids practically live at Gygi's and it's second nature for them but they stepped right in that store and got right to work!!

Saige being the clerk for everyone. Sometimes after classes when people want to buy something, Saige runs up and begs to help. She loves talking to people and is a pro!!

Saige has a princess dress radar. I'm not joking. She will find a dress up anywhere and loves to wear them. Somehow she found one here and became the princess checker.

I'm hoping one day, in my future, our kids can have a playroom like this. How fun would that be everyday?!?

As we ventured through the museum the kids loved everything and weren't bothered at all by all the hundreds of kids around.

As we were nearing the end we found a fun little part that was huge fooseball figures. As the kids climbed up they had a voice box that changed all their voices. It was so loud and so much fun!

We then ventured out to the water park at Gateway and played in the water. I had some really great pictures that included all of our friends from that day but my phone guy, Milo, loves to erase them. We had a blast and would hang out with this crowd any day!!

Thanks Carolyn, Marcella, and Jennica for a fantastic day! Let's do it again soon!

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