Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Well I did it. Almost. I didn't chop it, but I am glad I didn't. I love my hair, I just wanted a new change in color. And I think I got it.

Here is the before. A fun red color, with some blonde streaks. I asked Michael what his thoughts were for going on blonde and he was so supportive. I just don't think he knew what he was really getting himself into.
He thought the blondest we were going to get was a dirty blonde but we would put some streaks through it too. He stripped the color and was so surprised how blonde it was able to get!!
Didnt it turn out lovely?

This is where we scared everyone!! (isn't he so great back there?!? I just think he is so amazing!!) Everyone in the salon just gave me the oddest looks almost wondering what is this girl thinking!! But I completely trusted Michael, had no worries in his abilities, I knew he would make things perfect. Well 5 hours, everyone at the salon's help, Candace's patience while watching my kids, Matt helping me with the cooking class I was supposed to be at, and last but bot least Michaels absolutely abilities to perform miracles, we have this:

Isn't it fun. Just what I wanted, didn't know if it would ever really get to this and he did it in one shot. I'm excited to be a blonde. I've been really everything else, so it was time.
Thank you a million times over Michael and B Space Salon. You are all amazing and I appreciate all the great comments. So what's your honest thoughts?!?


Jackie said...

Work it girl. I envy that you can pull that off. You're so versatile and daring.

Kat said...

You totally pull it off. I tried it one time and it looked awful on me. However, you look fantastic. :) Way to go!