Tuesday, September 22, 2009

oh why thank you

So tonight as I was looking for an old old image for work I came across this blog and got quite excited. If you ever wanted an excuse to come to gygi's she is helping get ya there. And if i were you i would enter her drawing, we have some super classes coming and why not get one for free. The cake kit is super fun too, my fav is the liners, the bake so PERFECTLY!!
Some fun pictures she took:

{yes this is where i work, now you may know why i spend so much time there}


goodnight and good luck....

Friday, September 11, 2009

My favoritist girl in this whole wide world....

Saige had the best birthday, I am working on a post and hope to have some killer pictures from the party. Thank you EVERYONE who came and all of you that helped out. We have the best friends in the whole wide world. Thanks for spoiling our little hunting girl.

Saige has the funniest personality. I can honestly say there is NO one else like this girl. What other 3 year old wants a pink hunting/camo party? She helped plan the whole thing, and her wonderful ideas made me laugh. {All that came you can all thank me for not having you wear your swimsuits, her idea was to go to the fishing hole behind our house and swimming....umm not everyone likes that Saige!!}
Thanks for your silly comments, making me realize you are 100% aware of what is going on around you. Thanks for loving everyone around you and for reminding your parents that we should do the same. Thanks for being so STINKIN smart, I honestly believe that she will outsmart us by the time you are in 3rd grade. Thank you for loving your Dad's passions and for being a girl for your mom. We love that you want to do everything that we both do. Thank you for not being afraid of life, you have a special way of doing everything, and with no ounce of fear. {I always wanted to be that ambitious person that takes every chance and does it 100% and I hope that you stick to that.}
Thank you for loving our Heavenly Father and Jesus and reminding us that we call came from heaven. I know he sent us you to remind us daily why we are here!! Thank you for loving Milo and teaching him. You are so patient with him, even if he finds every way to do exactly what you are doing at the moment. He loves you and wants to be your best friend, and I hope you both stay that way!!

Happy 3rd Birthday! Hope this year is better than ever!
We love you so much and thank you for being our "Dieter".

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Its kind of like a red box..for books....

I have always admired others that can "get lost" in books. I never really made time to read books. While I was pregnant with Saige, I went through a stage that I did things that I thought I would never get to do once I had children, reading was one of them. But of course I read silly books like "The Devil Wears Prada", and the WHOLE series of "Shopaholic.." Books.. Hindsight is 20/20 and now if I could only take back those times and read things that might have taught me a thing or two, instead of different ways to hide from the credit agencies or how fashion RULES THE WORLD, {I do have to say, I DID quite enjoy ever moment!!}.

I came across this post about a community bookshelf in Germany:

You can read about it here.
hey are located a different locations around Germany stocked with donated books. The rule is you take some books and replace them with those you no longer want. How rad would that be? I might even pick-up reading! If I knew that i could just run by, even at 3 am, and trade it for another book, I might make the time to read. It might only truly work in my dream world, that no one would steal/vandalize/ or just plain forget about. But at least someone else out there is giving people a chance to prove that we aren't all that bad.....

peace out

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

any suggestions?...

I am NOW, yes it is late almost midnight, deciding that I am BORED with my house. I am wanting a change, a change that costs little to NO money, and a lot of effort. The biggest problem is I like things like this:

Fun bright colors, vintage pieces, things that I feel reflect more parts of ME!!

These are the things that Matt likes:

HMMMMM, how in the world does one combine two different styles, allowing the others likes to be there without looking like an elk/deer/bear fell into 15 buckets of paint...
Oh well, maybe it will slowly creep in the house, I will start in the kitchen and see where it goes from there... wish me luck.
If you find me and my eclectic mix of housewares outside, you will know who won. Any suggestions, please share....