Tuesday, September 22, 2009

oh why thank you

So tonight as I was looking for an old old image for work I came across this blog and got quite excited. If you ever wanted an excuse to come to gygi's she is helping get ya there. And if i were you i would enter her drawing, we have some super classes coming and why not get one for free. The cake kit is super fun too, my fav is the liners, the bake so PERFECTLY!!
Some fun pictures she took:

{yes this is where i work, now you may know why i spend so much time there}


goodnight and good luck....


Adhis said...

I have been so ignorant. I didn't know what Gygi's was like; I thought it was just chopping blocks, and cookie sheets, and measuring cups kind of stuff.

I seriously was looking for a store like this last year when I was looking for candy molds. I used to go to Shepherd's down in Provo. They went out of business, and I thought for sure there were no other such places in all of Utah.

My heck, I live just around the corner from you Miss Heather. All this time...

Em said...

very cool