Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cousin Campout Reunion

I have a lot of cousins. A lot might not even describe it well. Matt was quite overwhelmed when we were dating. Family parties are not a quiet affair on the McDonald side. We are all so excited to are each other, and usually talking loud, someone (and usually a couple someone's) are trying to scare others, we have lots of babies and don't mind being crammed into one room. We are cousins. They are all like that great friend that we could not see each other for months, sometimes years and the conversation picks right back up and it's like we just saw each other yesterday. It's a grand old time!
So my Dad has 10 kids in his family, which explains why there are so many cousins. Can someone help me with how many we really have?!? (Andrizzi girls?Sisters? Someone help me out...) Our amazing Grandparents had all their kids pretty close together, and taught their kids to love one another and to stay close. And it's been passed through to us and hopefully onto our children.
My Dad's younger sister Kathy organized the FIRST ANNUAL COUSIN REUNION. And what a great time it was.

Thursday night we met at Kathy's to kick the festivities off. Our cousins from Arizona came up, which it was SOOO good to see them and how much they have changed. The crazy thing about the whole 10 kids thing is that our aunts and uncles were still having kids the same time we were. So Saige and Milo aren't that much younger than my cousins. And to say that my kids enjoyed it is to put it lightly. They both had the time of their lives.

All the kids and of course Aunt JoJo, then braved the night in a huge sleepover on the lawn, Saige was invited and will remember it FOREVER. Thanks JoJo. We then all headed up to Heber Girls Camp, where all the cousins were invited to Campout with Grandma and Grandpa. No older parents were invited and it was such a great time to be with our cousins!!

After a chili dinner we all enjoyed just chatting and playing card games, hiding Holly's phone, eating fake spiders, listening to me try to sing, my sisters Irish dancing,

making s'mores, going on a hike with uncle mikey and Susanne, and the bet ghost stories ever told. My favorite might have been when Jack Sparrow came and told all rhe kids stories.

It was just a magical time that you could only appreciate with cousins.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for a wonderful weekend. We missed the last day so I hope someone else will fill us in. Love all you cousins and let's make sure there is a second annual cousins reunion next year!! ( thanks Aunt Kathy for all your hard work!!)

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