Monday, June 27, 2011

Bed time talk is my favorite

As Saige and I were bedtime talking, I asked "If you were to pick your most favorite thing to do tomorrow what would you pick?"
Saige replied, " I just cannot stop thinking about Easter Mom! Why doesn't he wear pants?"
Oh I love this girl so much. Her mind never stops, she remembers EVERYTHING!!!, and she has the best sense of humor.
Thanks for the laugh tonight Dieet, I hope you think of something fun to do tomorrow, after you figure out about the Easter Bunny's nonexistent pants.


Stephanie said...

That is so something Elle would do and say! We have "morning talk". Elle will come in my bed and she will always say "What should we talk about" It's so cute!!

I sure love that Saige!

Kristin said...

Oh I am dying! She is so cute! how fun to have bed time talk! miss youa