Friday, April 4, 2008

This is like a introductory sacrament meeting talk....

Just a warning-- if you for some reason find yourself reading about our boring life here in good old Lehi- you'll soon see that everything revolves around Saige and Milo. They are the funniest, sweetest, craziest, most darling little people. Saige finds every waking moment to make me laugh at something new and helps teach "wwilo" (Saige somehow got a "w" mixed with "m") to be just as nuts. I LOVE IT!!! I am still wondering what I am doing with TWO children. And I believe we may just drive Matt nuts, but as a wife and children I believe that is our job! Saige is now 18 months and acts as if she is three!! She says HI to everyone she sees, even if they can't see her, and has taught me I need to love everyone. Milo is two months old and he is working on passing Saige up in weight, and i believe next week he may pass her!!!! He lives up to his nickname "handsome", but i am his Mom so of course i believe that! And we can't end this without giving all the credit for this craziness to MATT!! I should have known marrying such a free spirit and a naturally hilarious man, would bring me spitting images as children. He reminds me daily to stop stressing about silly small things and to just enjoy life. I love him! He puts up with me and my attempts to be a world class baker! (One day I will own a bakery!!!)And this would not be complete without introducing the world to the newest members of our family, our 4 chickens, Oprah, Barack, Hillary, and John. They bring such joy to Saige and Matt, who now thinks that the chickens look to him as a mother. Not so much for me, I believe at some point in my life i was attacked by chickens, because they scare me more than I will ever admit!Now you are all caught up, this is our life.

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