Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spooky Chocolate Teeth!

I have been called out twice this year.

Apparently my Halloween this year is "not very scary!" To be honest I did hold back- usually it's out super early with our living room, front yard and kitchen decorated to the nines. Well this year I am boring, I guess.

Some of my favorites did make it out (the rat and spider cut outs in the lamps-courtesy of Candace, and our haunted house sign outside!!) and to be honest there is still a lot. Just not our usual.

But since we have several weeks till the grand holiday we are slowly working on some new fun decorations and treats! Most will be super easy and kid friendly- so I hope you try them out! And if you need help-please give us (or saige) a call- she LIVES for projects.

Spooky Chocolate Teeth

What you will need:

Teeth mold
White Apeels
Strawberry Apeels
Microwave safe bowls
Squeeze bottle(s)
Candy jarthese Halloween ones, or this one would be funny like there were dentures in a cup

Take a cup or two of of the white chocolate and melt it in the microwave using this method. Trust me its easiest, fastest, and for me the safest.

After they are melted, pour into a small squeeze bottle. I chose the small squat ones because of their wide opening to pour the chocolate in and for my kiddos hands- short and squat one seems to work for them.

Take your teeth mold, check it out, doesn't it remind you of all those impressions from the braces days? (Yah me too. Trust me no braces wax needed today. ) Gently squeeze the white apeels into the teeth cavities on the mold. Remember-WHERE EVER YOU PUT IT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE IT! I was not too worried, they are for Halloween things that are not perfect are great for Halloween and letting Saige do all the chocolate was wonderful for her.

After you have filled the white chocolate in all the molds, place in freezer. Not for very long but long enough for the chocolate to harden. If you were to pour the pink on melted white they would bleed together. Just trust me.

While they are chillin in the freezer, melt your pink chocolate the same way. The pink are flavored strawberry, which I liked for a flavor contrast against the white snaps- you could totally use these if you wanted no additional flavor.

After the white has hardened and the pink is all the way melted, pour the pink chocolate into the mouth cavities. We used about 1 1/2-2 Tablespoons for each one. After you have filled them all, place them in the freezer until completely hardened. For this to work best- make sure your pink chocolate is still pretty warm/hot. It will help to adhere the white to the pink and make it so when you go to pull them out there isn't two pieces.

Also, we attempted to make just the white teeth part- out of 8 teeth ONE turned out. They really need that extra support from the pink so they won't crack.

(These would still be cool in a plastic bag and given as a favor!)

As you are waiting, make yourself some hot cider and wait. Not forever but just long enough (5 minutes usually does the trick!)

To get the teeth out gently pull both sides of the mold out and peel away from the teeth. They should be pretty stout so don't be afraid. But wait for just a moment after you take them out of the fridge, we did find out that if you tried to take them off the mold RIGHT after the freezer they would crack. Let them sit out 2 minutes (enjoy your cider) and they should be ready!

And remember they don't have to be perfect! Let the kids help, play along and they will be so excited for their addition to the Halloween Decor!

After you let the helpers try them out (it is kind of a lot of chocolate so the kiddos shared one) fill them in your favorite or spookiest candy jar and let your friends and guest check out your dental display.

***For the record, other than melting the chocolate and pouring it into the squeeze bottle, Sagie did everything! But after the novelty of making chocolate teeth wore off for Saige I was able to make some without the white spreading out. Just pay attention to where the white chocolate is being put (which the squeeze bottles help a ton here) and remember if they separate when you are pulling them out of the mold, throw them back in your bowl and melt them down again. Or eat them. 


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Candace said...

So cute. I should make some for Grant. Or better yet, have him make them!!!!