Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finally came.

Saige was fortunate to be born on Sept 3rd. Why is that day so fortunate you ask? Well it occasionally falls on Labor day which is nice as we get a holiday to spend her day every 7 years but that's not what makes her so fortunate. Saige missed the school deadline by 3 days!!! THREE DAYS!
At first I was sad, this little girl would miss going to school with all her best buddies, would have to wait an additional year for school- and she was so ready and born for school. But after thinking about things I have realized what a great thing this is. Saige is the oldest in her class, she gets to be "the leader"- which she LOVES!!, and she was so eager and ready for school!!!

A few days before school started we met with Mrs. Skaggs, her new teacher. She did some assessments and Saige asked her own questions to Mrs. Skaggs. After all it is very important to know if your teacher knows any of your friends- who are now in 1st grade.

The first day of school came and we were so excited. She put her clothes out- just like I use to! Making sure everything was ready and laid out almost as if a person were inside it. We ate breakfast-faster than she ever has, and we were off to the bus. I for one was quite certain that it would not be emotional. Saige told me not to follow her to school and that she didn't want me to be there she knew what to do and where to go! And first things first, we had to have a small photo shoot out front by her favorite tree.

But when I got to the bus stop I assumed it would be all these little kindergartners-who were way to small for their over-sized backpacks, all a little nervous for their first day of school, and their Mom's snapping endless photos of each and every move. But I forgot about the older "later gators" who had been going to school a week earlier, who looked so big next to my little girl, and who had no parents waving goodbye as the novelty of a new school year had worn off for these school pros.
She climbed on that bus, found a seat by a quick new friend Alexa (that she met two minutes before while waiting for the bus) and waved goodbye. All while the chubby 4th or 5th grader pushed his friend into the seat behind her, the other kids shuffled on like it was just another day and one other kindergartner Mom and I snapped a few photos. She was a veteran as her other child climbed on with the kindergartner, I then had the thought oh no Saige is alone. That may been where I had to walk away haha.

I blame it entirely on being pregnant but seeing Saige's eagerness and excitement for that chance to go to school made me a little emotional. Just a little. She had a huge smile and blew me a kiss. I quickly grabbed Milo's hand and walked away as the bus drove off. My eyes filled up a little but I quickly stopped myself and felt excited for this new adventure for our big grown up girl.

At home I quickly realized how much Milo and I rely on Saige. Milo told me several times that he was bored and kept asking how long till she would be home. I tried puppet shows, candyland, and riding scooters. It's just not as fun without Saige.

We, finally, left to get her from the bus stop and she proudly marched off the bus with a huge smile, shoes untied, hair a mess, and so much excitement about her first day. We got a big old thumbs up for a great day, which seems to be her sign for a good time.

The rest of the week was just as successful. It was a little interesting to watch as a few of the other kids don't make it home on the right bus, or bus stop, and to hear Saige's opinion of the other kids on the bus who don't follow the rules!

We are so excited for this first year of real school and can't wait for the adventure ahead of us!!!

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