Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tooth Fairy and Uncle Josh

Milo was blessed with very sensitive teeth. It could have been the orange juice I gave him when he was young, but to make myself feel like not such a terrible mom I like to think that he just has cavity stricken teeth. Especially his two front teeth. 

 Poor kid has had his fair share of fillings, and they seem to not want to stay in his front teeth. I think he may make them fall out if he can feel anything on there. 

Well we have the most amazing dentist, seriously I say that with all honesty. Uncle Josh Smith !!! Even though he may be Matt's brother, I would still say that if he wasn't!! He is so patient with Milo, he allows Milo to calm down, and is so playful that Milo has realized that the dentist is not a scary place. It wasn't the case on our first visit! 

But after the same filling falling out, and the hole getting bigger in his two front teeth we decided that we would have Josh pull them out. I think I may have been a little more nervous for Milo, and he does way better if it is just Matt there, so Saige and I went shopping and Matt and Milo headed over to the dentist to pull his teeth. 
Josh had everything ready, may have bribed him with a dollar, and they were in and out of there in less than 45 minutes and two less teeth. Milo was such a trooper! He couldn't feel the front of his face, and kept pulling his lips out to make sure they were there. But never once did he complain about his mouth hurting. 

After talking with him that night about the day, he quickly jumped to his feet and asked me how the tooth fairy was going to find him tonight. He asked a lot about how she get inside our house, what she looked like, and what she did with the teeth. He then asked if it was possible to ask her if he could keep his teeth. He wanted to show is friends and his cousins what his teeth looked like outside of his mouth. I had him draw a picture for the tooth fairy so she would know what to do. 

He slipped the drawing and his two teeth under his pillow and quickly fell asleep. Saige was just as excited as he was to see what the tooth fairy would do and they asked if they could sleep on the floor next to each other so that they could both check under his pillow together in the morning. The tooth fairy wrote Milo a little note with her little handwriting and thanked him for being so brave, and left him $2! He was more excited that she took his note then anything! 

But he came running into our room, way too early, and way to ornery for us all. he is anti-pictures usually but this morning was even worse. Thank heavens he did not have school the next day. 

And the kind tooth fairy did leave his teeth for him to keep. Although we, she, is regretting that one as we have found he takes them everywhere-Gygi's, the store, church, and to his friend's house. He loves to show people the nasty things, and they may have made it through the washing machine in his pocket. 

Love this kid, and so glad that we have a great dentist to take care of us! 

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