Sunday, September 25, 2011

Donuts. Doughnuts. Dnuts??

For work, I have been doing some filming for a new craft channel called My Craft Channel. ( I guess you can think of it as hulu or on demand or whatever you use to instantly watch things, but all about crafts!!! There are some really creative people involved and I am really quite excited to see how things all turned out.

We partnered up with One Charming Party- if you haven't checked out their site you MUST!! {the most amazing party ideas, and the cutest photos that make you want them all!!!} hurry go look at it- Back to the story- one of the segments we did was made baked donuts.

We made these for alternative Thanksgiving treat ideas. These ones are pumpkin donuts with a maple glaze...... Yummo. The flavor combination just screams fall and my kids had such a fun time decorating them too. But after that I started thinking of all sorts of different ways you could make them and I have started to get a little excited to see how what we can come up with. Bonus they are more healthy for you than the normal deep fried donuts, you make it so you know what goes in it, and you can really customize the flavors you want.
After falling in love with some donuts I have started to see some other posts and thought I would share some ideas:

{photo from a beautiful mess}
what a fun party theme- this was a wedding shower with a donut theme!!

{photo found on Pinterest}
Originally I was going to make these donuts for Saige's birthday-isn't the pink glaze just beautiful?!? She chose churros instead but I still love these.

What a fun treat to have at Halloween. The glaze is super easy-milk, powdered sugar and flavoring. I'm thinking we make a dozen different glazes, make a couple different flavored donuts, invite everyone over and have a donut party!!! Who wants to come?


Candace said...

who even knows how it is really spelled? not me. kind of like grey/gray.
i think we should make do(ugh)nuts this weekend.

Heidi said...

Great. It's Sunday and now I really need a donut. Bad.

mindymom said...

Mimi says Me Me Me!

ConnieStance said...

Recipe? Or do I have to come to the party? That is incentive enough for me!

Heather said...

That's it. We are having donuts and Heidi you are totally invited.