Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh Target

They really suck me in. I know I shouldn't ever really go in there. Seriously. They say you should never go to the grocery store hungry- well that same urgency and need to buy food you normally wouldn't eat feeling- I get that every-time I step in Target. Trouble. Trouble.

You see this hot chica? Well Missoni has partnered up with good old Target and sucked me in again. There is something about the colors, the stripes, the retro 70's look that makes me want it all. Now for a bigger closet. Here are some of my favorites. If anyone would like to buy them I would gladly take them off your hands. Especially the rug!! Agh.

Yep. That's a bra. I might actually wear one more if it was this beautiful--

Cutest shorts. Perfect with some purple leggings underneath.

5x7 please.

Okay I will stop. Love it all. Thanks Target for helping us normal people be able to afford the things we dream of.


Shana Smith said...

The BAD thing about having the TV on all day long (mostly for background noise) is I see all of the commercials about new lines coming to Target for a limited time only!! I am already slightly obsessed with that store as it is! I love to pieces this style. I must admit that I almost got those shorts in your fav picks, I'm still pondering about em! Aaah so tempting, you have better self control than I do..... PS. I love that you don't wear a bra. No boobs do carry some perks!! My future girls don't stand a chance. Ha ha:)

Candace said...

I tried to get on Target's website the day the line launched and it was completely frozen. This missoni business is pretty serious.
I was only looking for baby boots!
And I didn't know you skipped bras some days? Hmmm.... just when you think you know somebody...

Adhis said...

"Yep. That's a bra. I might actually wear one more if"

Whaaaaa???? That's a little too retro!

Heather said...

there are those advantages to not having any boobies. If i want to look like I have some i throw one on. The a cup has plenty of room in there for some extra padding too. haha. i hope Saige gets the Smith genes they dont seem to have a problem in that area