Sunday, December 18, 2011

Better late than never

As I was looking over somehow I forgot to post some of these. Since there is no snow on the ground I thought it was appropriate to still share fall themed photos.
Our family visits the same pumpkin patch every year. Our cousins live right across the street and told us about the Family that own the patch. For some reason when you know the reason for the patch-it makes you want to help them out even more.
This particular family have kids that play the bagpipes and started this patch to help pay for the expensive musical dreams of their kids. We are all about supporting the arts.

Candace, Grant and Jos were in town, which we love so we came to party.

This farm, right by the district- has the best tractors out front, a small corn maze and amazing pumpkins. The kids love the tractors and small wheel barrows to push the pumpkins in.

Staci joined us, which made Milo more than thrilled!

And sometimes they push people, poor Jilly that's a big load.

Mimi, Ella, and Saige looked for pumpkins for Mimi, somehow she finds some odd shapes and great decorative pumpkins.

This sweet Ella girl says the funniest things. As Mimi was pushing her around she started screaming, "There is FedEx!!!" and the FedEx truck drove by. We all thought it was hilarious that a two year old can pick out a FedEx truck.

I guess Jon gets packages sent there everyday so she gets excited to see the truck come. Haha

We love our Lucy girl. Honestly dont know what we would do without her.
After picking pumpkins we headed thru the corn maze. Good thing we had Mimi, it was pretty scary!! Hehe

Josie wanted to stop and eat the corn. Funny kid.

Phew. We made it out!!

Josie may have tried eating this corn.

We love fall!!

Thanks family for a great day!!


bon bon said...

Cute family! Thanks for posting these! It makes me want to go back to warmer times... I guess there's always next year!

Katy said...

That patch is right by my house! (We live a few streets north and west of Josh and Jenni.) I never knew the reason behind the patch. Love that! It is a great place to pick out pumpkins.

Shana Smith said...

I've gone to that patch as well, Coasten loves all of the tractors.. I got a little sad when I saw that ya'll were wearing Summer clothes, oh how I miss those days! Did I ever tell you that I know Jill Smith, we went to Jr. High together and were friends for a couple years.. Strange right, small world?! And lastly, who is Lucy?? Anyway, see ya soon:)

Heather said...

Crazy how small the world is Shan. Her family is good friends with Chris and Kelle too.

Lucy is Staci's nickname. She wasn't given a middle name so she has an adopted name haha