Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Eve Finale

Yes. Christmas Eve is a hectic day for our family. (In the past I have often times worked on Christmas Eve too, thank heavens I have come to my senses didn't do that this year.)

After two amazing family get togethers we rushed home. Saige was so worried that Santa was going to beat us home and thought every red light was santa's sleigh. We made it home and Saige quickly pulled out the cookies and milk.

Thanks to our amazing friend/neighbor Jen, she baked up some of the most delicious cookies (bottoms were even dipped in chocolate!!!!). I hid them and saved them for the perfect night. I may have helped Santa eat them.

After the cookies were out, we sprinkled some reindeer food out on the lawn to attract the reindeer. Thanks to cute Aunt Shana- the kids loved it!!

A little glitter never hurt anyone right?

No snow this year! But at least it wasn't too cold!! The kids quickly jumped to bed, fell asleep quicker than ever- and the nights festivities were just beginning for me.

My Dad and Mom, I mean Santa, bought Saige this amazing dollhouse from this cute old man in Orem- hand made wooden furniture, cute shutters on the side, perfectly pink. It was such the perfect gift for Saige. She loves it and plays with it every second.

My Dad came and dropped it off, and then I wrapped up all the accessories so she would have presents to open in the morning.

After getting most the presents wrapped, it was time for the stockings.

Santa must shop at target. Lots of undies, socks, oranges, and Chapstick for everyone. Do you have stocking traditions? Ours are toothbrushes, bananas, oranges, and chapstick. Always have and probably always will.

Girly stuff.

Matt's stocking. He got an extra little something.

I seem to stay up too late every year-I'm going to copy Jenni's idea and do it with a friend earlier and just be done. That's the goal next year.

Santa wrote the kids a letter, thanking then for being good, Alex the Elf dropped off some yummy treats

The house was cleaned, decorated for the big day, all in anticipation of it becoming a huge wreck in the morning.

And best of all, my helper of the night. He was asleep the same time as the kids. He did offer to help, but his eyes had a different plan haha.

Merry Christmas Eve.

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Adhis said...

Dave and I met that cute old man who makes the doll houses at the sweet Farmer's Market in Provo. They really are beautiful doll houses, and I love that they later serve as bookshelves for the older girl!