Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stone Hill

What do you get when you put our whole family in one house for a couple of days? Pure humor, lots of food, and thank heavens there was a pool. This year's gift to us from our parents was this amazing stay in Midway. Dad found a house that would fit all of us. It was an older house with lots of history, and fun things to look around at. We were lucky no one broke anything and we walked away with no injuries.
Lucky for us, we had a pool, racket ball, air hockey, and a gorgeous view of the mountains.

Milo did find time to play the dance game. Man this kid likes to dance.

There were some serious air hockey games, everyone tried to knock Ty off his winning streak but he went to bed victorious on his birthday.

All safety measures were taken. Just in case.

Keeping ourselves entertained. Saige loves a good photo collage.

An indoor pool was a nice touch. The kiddos loved it. Milo proved his toughness and would run outside lay in the snow and run back in. He loved it!

Remember being little and not worrying about the temp and wanting to swim all day ? These kids were no different. Loved every second.

We ate way too much, played some great games, ate some more and even managed to survive the haunted rooms! Thanks mom and dad. We loved every second.

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