Monday, January 23, 2012

Milo's Charlie Brown Tree

Mimi came and dropped off an early present for our family.

This darling Charlie Brown tree. It came with a book, narrated by Mimi and we put together the tree and placed it on display. The kids loved listening to the story and Milo really liked the ornament. I told him he needed to be extra careful as its glass and not on there very tight. We were getting ready for bed, I think Adam and Natalie stopped by, and I heard a crash. Milo had been playing with the tree and the ornament fell off. He looked at me totally sad, and didn't know what I would do. Honestly I wasn't worried. I could easily find a new red ornament to replace it. Milo ran into his room, I assumed to just hide for a minute. I finished chatting with Adam and Natalie, and Milo came back out with this:

He had taped the ornament back together using lots of tape and it made it perfect.

Made me cry, he thought I was sad he broke it. But it was just a reminder of this little boys sweet personality and creativity. We wrapped it up, and it will be the only ornament on that tree forever.

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Adhis said...

That was AWESOME! So sweet...