Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snowmobiling anyone?

One of the perks of our Midway trip was two days of snowmobiling. Where you ask?
Yes the snow has been scarce but we have found a great trail up at Daniel's Summit.

With the open trails, no guides, and a gorgeous day- we set off to enjoy the outdoors.

With views like this and the winter air this guy was in heaven. And maybe for once I could relate to his love of the outdoors.

Here he asks, "If we were to get stranded here, where would you sleep?"

My first thought, I would not be finding somewhere to sleep, but to start making my way down!

But started thinking like him, and quickly responded, "over there where the bank is blocking the wind." He was proud.

I enjoy the views and the conversation. Which makes me a passenger. It's much more fun being with someone else, a little bumpy but still a blast.

Candace even let me ride with her, while Matt was off on his own adventure. We actually caught some air together- right Chase?

He was the pro. We just pretended.

Jon must have had a crazy ride. Good thing he had on his red long johns.

Grant brought his too, but somehow showed a little too much....

Good thing it wasn't the back flap.

Katie and John. Troopers to put up with us, glad the came along!!

Overall, a great day. Almost got hit while Candace and I were coming around the bend, but due to Candace's mad driving skills we survived.

Jilly even made it.

The whole crew after the fun day, don't ask why Jon and I are off to the side...

Thanks Pops for another great trip!!!

And proof we eat well EVERYWHERE:

Our good friend Chef Todd Leonard came and cooked for us. Let's just say we ate WELL. Enough protein for you?

Thanks Todd it was amazing.

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