Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Happy Turkey Day

Holidays can be a little busy. With two families so close together we want to see them all but sometimes it's just not possible. This year was pretty relaxed and we managed to see almost everyone. Gma and Gpa Foote met at the Barney's house at 11 and saw most of our family members. Most is the key word- Matt decided to go look for deer that morning and happened to get stuck and was up on the mountain. It made me laugh, with how warm the weather has been it snowed the day before but was warm on Thanksgiving- when he parked the car it was fine but coming out to leave it was a big old wet mess. Silly boys. So after chatting for a while at the Barney's, talking to Candi on the phone, we headed over to Matt's mom's house hoping he would make it back in time. Haha
Lisa always greets us with a huge smile, a hug, and a warm cup of wassail. One of my favorite. Saige and Abby enjoying the adult table with real cups. They are growing up so fast.

Lisa's beautiful table. She has some of the greatest plates, one day when I have some storage I would love to start a china collection. It's so fun to see which ones she pulls out for us.

Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Macie enjoying chatting. We are so excited to have Lindsey apart of our family! We love her. We love Ms Macie too, I may bribe her with jewelry to get her to sit with me. Hehe After an amazing dinner, so amazing I didn't get any pictures- the turkey was phenomenal. She brined it this year and I highly recommend this for every year. Side note- did anyone else try brining their turkey this year? It's quite the trend this year and I'm not complaining.

After dinner settles the kids get to make their gingerbread houses. This is another great tradition of the Smiths. I love it cause we have our first Christmas decoration (sorry we aren't as on the ball as the josh smiths), and the kids actually eat off it.


Our kids do a pretty good job of making a huge mess and making it look pretty crazy, but hey we are being artistic right?

All the kids, even big kid Jake made great houses!!  
Thanks Nana and Gramps for a wonderful night!

Thanksgiving night would not be complete without the Smith Family BINGO game. No matter where we celebrate turkey day, we have to make it to the bingo game. I love to hear the trash talking and the excitement in all the adults. When I say they get excited its a huge understatement.  

Even the kiddos get involved! 
With mystery prizes you never know what you are getting, Matt was quite excited over the sparkling grape though.
Rumor has it this is the cheating family, except I dont think it was Kelle this year...... Adam...... 

 After lots of good food, homemade ice cream, bingo games and of course AMAZING FAMILIES we can jot this turkey day as another great day. We are so blessed.

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