Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nativity Smith Style

(reposted, somehow it got deleted-no new info just want it up still!) Christmas at the Smith house is very traditional. It's so fun to go and have a sit down dinner, with the nice Christmas plates, sparkling apple cider at our fingertips, delicious food to fill our bellies and of course the best company to surround ourselves in laughter and love. Perfect way to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Matt's mom ( I hate calling her my mother in law- it sounds like its someone I should dislike, I love her. She is amazing and I look up to her in so many ways. I really feel like I have known her forever and if I was having a problem I feel like I can call her, just like my own Mother, and chat. So I'm going to find a better way to refer to her as....) Lisa, has the most amazing plate collection. I covet it. She has these gorgeous Spode Christmas plates that she pulls out for dinners after Thanksgiving and only thru Christmas. They are lovely. Mark my words I will have "nice china" sometime in my life. Wouldn't it be fun to pull out the cute plates and have different patterns to choose from!! Am I nuts? Back to the story. I usually try to get some type of photo of dinner, the guests, the decor, ANYTHING- I got nothing this year. NOTHING. what a shame. But just know it was delish and we had a good old time.

After dinner we gathered in the front room for the annual Nativity reenactment. It's classic here. A beautiful bible reading with some of the cutest kids playing parts so perfectly. It's actually wonderful to see.

Sweet Macy girl playing Mary. She is so cute with the babies and made a perfect Mary. Especially with her cute "baby talk" voice it was only a given she should be Mary.

And maybe one day I might convince her parents she should live with us. I'm trying.

The two beautiful angels- Abby and Saige. These two are the best of buds and play so cute together. But must always be the same- its a good thing there can be two angels.

The most handsome wise man/ shepherd boy. Coasten was so cute and sings the best Christmas Hallelujah. One great moment to remember.

Sweet Parker, wish I got a better picture but this kid doesn't hold still. Such a great older cousin. The younger boys love him and would do anything with him! I believe Coasten, Parker, and Jake were the three wise men, or a combination of wise men/ shepherds don't remember but they were handsome.

Our Milo played the perfect Joseph. He has one of the sweetest hearts I have ever seen, I'm his Momma I might be bias, but he was perfect for the loving Joseph.

Before they were starting I pulled Milo aside and asked him if he knew what Joseph did. He replied, " He was the Dad. " I told him Heavenly Father wanted him to protect and teach Mary and Jesus, so he needed to make sure he did that. As soon as Macy sat next to him, he put his arm right around her and kept it on her back. It was so sweet to see, and I love seeing this sweet side of Milo- he really does have the biggest heart.

Can you see it? Darling huh. After everyone was dressed, the crew put on an amazing show.

And with an audience like this

How could it not be just perfect. Another end to a perfect Christmas Eve at the Smith house. Maybe one year I will remember that they do their sibling gift exchange ON Christmas Eve, not Christmas. I seem to forget every year and screw things up. Why do we do that anyways?!? Is it cause Josh can't wait?

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