Monday, January 23, 2012

The BIG December day.

The kids slept in. We had a yummy breakfast- grandma Foote's sausage stuff. Yummmmm. And the kids opening presents.

Saige screamed in delight about her doll house. I thought for sure I took photos but cannot see them. She jumped, she screamed, she was so excited. It was perfect.

Stockings were fun, definitely a present for moms. While at Harmon's I saw a bag of coal. I bought it planning in putting it in Matt's stocking. But I actually got Matt a lot for his stocking and nothing for mine so I put it in mine. As the kids emptied theirs they wanted us to open ours. They laughed at all of Matt's Mtn dew, and then I pulled out my coal. Both their jaws dropped and they gave me the most worried look ever. Saige came and gave me a hug and said, "Mom, maybe you cried and whined and pouted too much!" Hahaha. Next years goal, no more pouting. I did not think it would make that big of an impact but those two told everyone that I got coal.

Milo asked for a monster truck. That's it. So we got him a black monster truck, I wrapped the truck and left the controller out. He ran up and immediately tried to figure out what it was for. The truck was in the back but he could hear it moving.

It was fun to see how excited he was.

One happy kid. Lots of presents were opened. Smiles, screams, and jumping for joy. The kids had a great Christmas, I managed to surprise Matt with stuff from REI, cant go wrong there. And I got a new front door!!! Can't wait to get it up!!! We visited both families, took very little photos- shame again. Did get some great photos of the hats from my mom from festival of trees.

Thank you families for such an amazing Christmas again.

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