Friday, January 20, 2012

McDonald Christmas Eve... A bit different

If you know our family, or remember previous posts, you know we have 6 girls. 6 loud, crazy, talented, out spoken, creative, sweet, loud (did I already say that), and competitive girls. We are all about a good time and a McDonald spin on EVERYTHING. Christmas eve is no exception.

First off we start everything with food. Not very many of us were hungry but all found something to eat. The shrimp were everyone's favorite.

We gathered in the living room, pulled costumes for everyone, and got ready for the nativity of the year. Presenting: The Shepherds.

This was an exclusive group. They saved the best for this group, and let's be honest no sheep were ever lost with this group. LtoR: Bonnie, Matt, Grant, Ty, Mom and John.

Our boys. Brave boys. Think about it, until 6 years ago when Matt and I were married, there were no boys. Our Dad is so glad they are around.

I'm really glad this shepherd was around. I think I will keep him, just have to bribe him with shrimp.

Isn't he handsome? Sorry ladies he is taken.

He looks thrilled to be in costume doesn't he.

Oh and meet John. Not Jon as in Bonnie's Jon. This is Katie's John. Apparently looking oddly similar for Bonnie and Katie was just not enough. They needed two Jo(h)ns. And don't get me started on the Onnie's in our family. Thats another story. Welcome John. You are brave.

Meet the angels. Sweet, angelic, and perfect Angels.

Staci was the ring leader, you know those angels had a good time.

Saige. Oh Saige. She was born for the angel role. She adored it.

Ms. Josie. She was the traveling angel. She didn't want to stick around too long.

And the wise (wo)men. Oh it's just trouble here. No wonder it took the wisemen so long to get there. These 3 probably slowed everyone down, but did it fashionable. Ha.

Ms. Ella. Oh this girl. She is a hoot. Funniest Mary, with her sippy cup.

Milo pulled off the Joseph role again, hey when you are good why change right?!?

Sweet kiddos. Reminding us why we are celebrating Christmas.

And of course the bravest narrator-

We had a great time. Small minor changes but all in all a perfect nativity. After the nativity our mom, even though she promised not to, had some gifts for us.

For many many years, my Mom has given us ornaments. Usually some symbol of the year's activities, and some random Christmas ones. But she gave us a beautiful box to store them in and keep them safe. Thanks momma.

We then got our cute Pj's for the kiddos and warm clothes for the adults. The kids loved their slippers and matching pjs.

But while we were getting jammies on we heard something on the roof top. Quickly we found out it was SANTA on the roof!!

Santa called down to the kids and told them how good they have been this year.

Milo was so excited. He wanted to climb up there and find Santa. Oh the excitement to be a little kid again.

We followed Santa's orders and hurried home. The drive home was so long for the kids, they were so worried he would beat us home. Thank heavens Matt drives fast. Merry Christmas Eve.

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bon bon said...

Oh I want to go do it again! So much fun. Thanks for documenting it. My pics are still on the camera... You're so cute!